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Jacob Ward

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Upon completing an M.S. in Geo-Environmental Studies from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, I began a career in Energy with the long-term goal of helping to mitigate the negative environmental and economic impacts of global warming by proliferating the use of renewable energy on our shared planet.

Over the past 10 years I've compiled a resume that includes success in renewable energy sales, Office 365 development consulting, government contract grant writing, project management, spatial analysis and mapmaking in ESRI ArcGIS, data analysis, Power BI dashboard development, and so much more.

As a lifelong songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, I’m creative by nature and love to write and do design work. I'm a native English speaker with working proficiency in Spanish.


M.S. Geo-Environmental Studies, Shippensburg University, 2010 – 2011

Conducted research on invasive species in Bronx Park in coordination with NYC Parks and Recreation’s Central Forestry Division. Published a peer-reviewed article on the land use impacts of natural gas drilling in Pennsylvania in the Geographical Bulletin. Coursework in Advanced and Applied GIS, Environmental Land Use Planning, Remote Sensing, Image Processing, and Cartography.

B.A. International Studies, Virginia Tech, 2005 – 2009

Concentrations in Environmental Affairs and Business. Minor in Spanish. Study abroad program at Estudio Sampére in Madrid and Alicante, Spain.


--Data Analyst, 2020

Contracted by the Pittsburgh International Airport to build Power BI reports, dashboards, and ArcGIS maps that delineate the impact of COVID-19 on the transportation sector. Worked with large epidemiological, aeronautical, economic, and demographic datasets stored on a dedicated Azure SQL server.

--Office 365 Architect, 2018 – 2020

With KGC Solutions, Pittsburgh-based Microsoft Office 365 consulting, data migration, site/workflow design, implementation, and training across various applications including SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, Power BI, and Power Automate for a variety of clients in various sectors.

--Renewable Energy Sales and Operations, 2014 – 2017

Worked concurrently as an Event Sales Agent for Green Mountain Energy (GME) and as the Audio Production Manager for ZeroFossil (ZF). I was named highest seller in Pittsburgh and Top 5 seller in Pennsylvania in 2015 for GME. With ZF, I coordinated all audio logistics, including inventory, transport, setup, operation, and load out at various events around Pittsburgh including weddings, concerts, markets, and festivals. All ZF audio equipment was powered by custom off-grid solar systems.

I was subsequently hired full-time as a Field Energy Consultant for SolarCity/Tesla. I was responsible for the full sales lifecycle from lead generation to solar system installation, including partner store sales, self- curated events, and customer referrals, to designing custom solar systems, closing in-home sales, and facilitating administrative backend processing and customer relationships through installation and ongoing customer service.

--Associate Distribution Technician, 2012 – 2014

With FirstEnergy, I was responsible for geo-database management and mapping of electric distribution assets, including circuit reconfiguration, mapping new infrastructure, and cartographic maintenance using a multitude of in-house and commercial GIS programs. I was also a hazard dispatcher during storm events and managed a GIS cartographic cleanup initiative of over 20,000 miles of circuit.

--GIS Intern, 2011

With New York City Department of Parks and Recreation’s Central Forestry Division, I created and managed a geo-database for the Greening Western Queens street tree planting initiative, geo-coded addresses and produced maps for use by foresters in planting inspections, managed Trimble GPS units and data for a tree mortality research initiative, geo-referenced hand-drawn surveys for use in a breeding bird territory study, and performed data collection, data entry, various cartographic and spatial analysis projects, and public outreach and education.


--GIS & Cartography

UC Davis “Geographic Information Systems Specialization” via Coursera (2021):
Series of five courses I’m currently taking online to keep my GIS skills current

Data Analyst with Pittsburgh International Airport (2020): ESRI ArcGIS Online, Arcade (geospatial expression coding), tenant management, spatial data analysis, cartography, Power BI ArcGIS visualization extension

Associate Distribution Technician with FirstEnergy (2012 – 2014): AutoCAD, enterprise-level geo-database management, circuit connectivity analysis

GIS Intern with NYC Department of Parks and Recreation, Central Forestry Division (2011): ESRI ArcGIS (ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ArcToolbox), Spatial Analyst Extension, geo-coding, Trimble GPS data collection, QA/QC, automation with Python, reporting

M.S. Geo-Environmental Studies, Shippensburg University, concentration in Applied GIS (2010 – 2011): ESRI ArcGIS (ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ArcToolbox), ERDAS Imagine, HEC-HMS hydrologic modeling system, Adobe Illustrator,
AutoCAD, R Programming, Trimble GPS handhelds

Peer-reviewed publication: “Assessing Land Use Changes Due to Natural Gas Drilling Operations in the Marcellus Shale in Bradford County, PA” in Geographical Bulletin, Fall 2014

--Data Analysis

Data Analyst with Pittsburgh International Airport (2020): Built a comprehensive custom report with live streaming data in Power BI using related tables stored on Azure SQL Server. Most datasets contained hundreds of thousands of lines of information to be synthesized.

Office 365 Architect with KGC Solutions (2018 – 2020): Developed a custom process for migrating approximately one million legal documents and metadata from a legacy server to SharePoint Online for a prominent California law firm using Azure SQL, Excel, and the ShareGate migration tool.

Associate Distribution Technician with FirstEnergy (2012 – 2014): Geo-database management, analysis, and reporting of tens of thousands of miles of electric utility circuit data

GIS Intern with New York City Parks and Recreation, Central Forestry Division (2011): Geo-database management, analysis, and reporting of citywide forestry, population, and other statistical data

--R Programming

Johns Hopkins University “R Programming” course completed via Coursera (2020):
Lists, matrices, missing values, data cleanup, functions, control structures, loops, debugging, simulations

Johns Hopkins University “The Data Scientist’s Toolbox” course completed via Coursera (2020): GitHub, R Studio, R Markdown, CRAN, BioConductor, Version control, R Packages

--Power BI

Data Analyst with Pittsburgh International Airport (2020): Data import, transformations, relationships, DAX expressions, custom visualizations, reports, and dashboards from a variety of data sources stored on Azure SQL Server

Office 365 Architect with KGC Solutions (2018 – 2020): Custom visualizations, reports, and dashboards using data from a variety of sources including Excel, Access, and Azure SQL, publishing, sharing, row-level security, insights, custom apps, data refresh automation

--Microsoft Office 365

All years of education/professional career:
Excel ->data entry, management, cleanup, analysis, charts, graphs, Pivot tables, advanced formulas, and automation
Word ->Advanced report generation, table of contents, styles, review, and collaboration
Other classics ->advanced proficiency in PowerPoint, Outlook, Access

Office 365 Architect with KGC Solutions (2018 – 2020): SharePoint Online (classic and modern) custom development of lists, libraries, apps, and workflows o Custom flows with Power Automate, Forms development and customization, Teams development and customization, Stream video management

Jacob Ward

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