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Rafael Rios


Willing to relocate
18+ GIS Experience
GIS Skills
Knowledge of multiple geospatial datasets, to include but not limited to, digital maps, geodatabases, elevation data, hard copy maps, imagery (commercial or national), vector data, etc.
Cartographic design and map making for a variety of print and electronic formats.
Coordinate system and datum transformations.
Database management and maintenance.
Geocoding, Geodatabase creation from spatial and non-spatial data (such as treaty documents).
Georeferencing, Kml creation for use with Google Earth.
Knowledge of creating, editing point, line, polygon datasets, and remote sensed imaging.
Metadata creation and maintenance.
Mobile GIS
Raster data download and processing.
Spatial analysis including raster calculation and analysis.
Spatial and attribute editing
Web / Internet GIS
Computer Skills
ENVI, ERDAS Imagine, ESRI ArcGIS 10x, Falcon View, Google Earth, Microsoft Office Products, Remote View, Socet Set, Socet Set GXP, Windows Operating Systems
Exposed to: Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Apollo (Experiment Manager, Field Manager, and Protocol Manager), Aptana Studio 3, ArcGIS API for JavaScript, ASP.NET 4, Bing API, CSS, Flex, Google API, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, Silverlight

General Education
Master of Professional Studies in Geospatial Information Sciences, University of Maryland, College Park, MD
Bachelor of Science in Management Studies, UMUC, College Park, MD

Socet Set for ArcGIS Course, April 2011
ArcGIS Desktop III: GIS Workflows and Analysis, 2009
ArcGIS Desktop II: Tools and Functionality, 2009
Advanced Geospatial Intelligence Analysis Course, National Geospatial Intelligence School,
Virginia, 2007
Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course (Intermediate Leadership and Management Development Course), 2007
Digital Topographic Support System (DTSS), US Army, Wurzburg, Germany, 2000
Primary Leadership Development Course (Basic Leadership and Management Development Course), 2000
Advanced Individual Training (Advanced Skills Course / Topographic Analysis Course), US Army, 1997

Rafael Rios

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