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Joseph Duncan


Current Address
1217 E Bradley St.
Laramie, WY 82072

Contact information

Permanent Address
5532 Silverstone Terrace Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Objective: My short-term goal is to obtain a position after graduation in the Spring of 2023 with the purpose of furthering my education and gaining experience in the field of Geographic Information Science and Technology.

University of Wyoming
• Bachelor of Science – Rangeland Ecology and Watershed Management
• Bachelor of Science – Environment and Natural Resources
• Certificate in Geographic Information Science and Technology

East Ridge High School: Woodbury, MN
Academic Awards: Academic Letter and Honor roll 2016-2019, Summa Cum Laude Honors, ACT Score: 34
Student Status: Senior
Cumulative GPA: 3.96
Presidential Honor Roll: Fall 2019 – Fall 2021
Planned Graduation: May 2023

Graduated: June 2, 2019
Cumulative GPA: 4.05

Work Experience:

University of Wyoming – Laramie, WY

Role: Water Rights GIS Technician

Primary Responsibilities:
• Identify water conveyances in the Clear Creek Watershed in Northern Wyoming
• Map streams, irrigation ditches, canals, and their respective points of diversion
• Find and illustrate individual water rights for each conveyance
• Utilize ArcGIS to create an interactive and adaptable map

Key Accomplishments
• Created an applicable map for use by water resource managers and the Natural Resource Conservation Service
• Converted historical static maps to dynamic GIS maps
• Analyzed water use, irrigation losses, and return flows
• Published scientific paper on data approaches to water rights (upcoming)

Grouse Mountain Environmental Consulting – Buffalo, WY

Role: Rangeland and Hydrology Technician

Primary Responsibilities:
• Collect viable rangeland and sensitive plant data for oil and gas corporations
• Gather rangeland AIM (Assessment, Inventory, and Monitoring) data on behalf of the BLM
• Utilize ArcGIS Pro and Field Maps to guide data collection
• Plan and properly implement data collection procedures based on location, weather, landowner access, and intensity.
• Manage, analyze, and interpret collected data

Key Accomplishments:
• Communicated with landowners to plan project access
• Cleaned and submitted influential rangeland data for further use by government agencies
• Solved critical physical and data-related problems in the field
• Completed time-sensitive projects in Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, and Utah by the set deadlines
• Successfully completed AIM and MIM BLM trainings

University of Wyoming – Laramie, WY

Role: Hydrology Undergraduate Research Assistant

Primary Responsibilities:
• Install and maintain data loggers, sensors, and logger boxes
• Collect field data using Hoboware and Loggernet
• Analyze data with R programming and Excel
• Use GPS to locate remote field sites and research stations
• Utilize GIS software and digital elevation models for hydrologic mapping and watershed delineations
• Employ LIDAR systems to map riparian vegetation

Key Accomplishments:
• Successfully supported two hydrological research projects
o Ecohydrological impacts on hyporheic exchange flow of mountain streams
o Modeling of water resources in snow-dominated systems
• Learned the basics of research data collection and analysis
• Developed multi-tasking skills to handle concurrent projects
• Matured attention to detail skills
• Captured and formatted sensitive data for analysis
• Used critical thinking concepts to resolve field work obstacles

Vee Bar Guest Ranch – Laramie, WY

Role: Guide and Maintenance Staff

Primary Responsibilities:
• Guide guests on fly fishing and hiking trips
• Maintain ranch grounds and equipment
• Complete various projects on an as-needed basis

Key Accomplishments:
• Effectively coordinated daily guiding schedules with ranchers, clients, and coworkers
• Followed all ranch safety protocols for heavy equipment usage and guest guiding trips
• Successfully coached novice and expert fly anglers

JD’s Custom Flies & Guide Service

Primary Responsibilities:
• Operate business plan
• Fly fishing instructor and guide

Key Accomplishments:
• Initiated and tested business idea
• Developed relationships with key landowners
• Grew client list
• Built partnerships with Trout Unlimited and Pheasants Forever through volunteer events

Eagle Valley Golf Course – Woodbury, MN

Role: Golf Shop Attendant

Primary Responsibilities:
• Customer service:
o Problem/issues management
o Reservations, payments, and retail sales
• New employee training and evaluations

Key Accomplishments:
• Matured customer engagement skills
• Learned & instructed others on new reservation/payment application
• Improved training strategies

Eagle Valley Golf Course – Woodbury, MN

Role: Outside Service Staff

Primary Responsibilities:
• Customer support & driving range supervision
• New employee training
• Equipment cleaning & maintenance
• Tournament and event set-up

Key Accomplishments:
• Initiated development of training skills
• Grew organization and time management skills
Developed customer service skills

Applicable Coursework:
• UAS Sensors and Platforms
• Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
• UAS Photogrammetry and Image Processing
• Spatial Data Visualization
• UAS Regulations and Safety
• Introduction to Computer Science: Python
• General Ecology
• Ecology of Applied Land Management
• Environmental Approach to Problem Solving
• Environmental Assessment
• Environmental Law and Policy

Other Tools and Application Experience:
ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Story Maps, Survey123, ArcGIS Online, QGIS, Campbell Sci data loggers, Soil moisture sensors, MF Pro velocity sensors, Hoboware pressure sensors, Piezometers, Stilling wells, Wading rods, Solar panels, Solar charge controllers, and Snow plates

Activities & Volunteer Experience:
UW Ag Ambassador 2020-Present
Invasive Species Removal Volunteer 2016-Present
Ducks Unlimited Volunteer 2017-Present
Trout Unlimited Newsletter Co-Editor 2017-2021
Youth Mentor for Trout Unlimited 2013-2021


Name Employer Title Phone Email
Dr. Fabian Nippgen University of Wyoming Assistant Professor of Watershed Hydrology (307) 766-5012

Suman Chitrakar Grouse Mountain Environmental
Consultants Hydrologist (307) 223-6451

Jason Sutton Grouse Mountain Environmental
Consultants Principal (307) 217-0468

Kari Kilmer Vee Bar Guest Ranch Owner and manager 1-800-483-3227

Maria Manion Trout Unlimited Newsletter Co-Editor (612) 325-1005

Joseph Duncan

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