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Anonymous Job Seeker

Ratnapura, Sri Lanka

Dear Respected Madam/Sir

I would like to thank you for advertising this position for GIS officer at your organization and I have the required qualifications and skills to bring success to this position.
Over the course of the last 20 years, for 15 years I have been building a carrier as an IT field and GIS specialist, logistics and have many experiences and skills to offer your open position at Your organization.

At university of Peradeniya (Sri lanka) , I studied concept ,Applications ,GPS, theory , practice and technique as associated to GIS with a MSc in GIS and Remote Sensing, and then I have following experience as an officer in the Navy also peace keeping mission in Haiti.

Studies in IT and did well in GIS analysis for Special applications since 2005 and I was attached to IT branch for military activities in time to time , also conducted intelligence gathering operations and analysis to assist in ongoing revision of operational plans by higher authorities for special mission. I have worked with other sister services on geo-spatial map analysis projects for disaster management during flood and Tsunami conditions. I have had experience in handling disaster situation and coordinating regional operations both in the UN and Sri Lanka. I was coursed and awarded my Master of Science degree in GIS (Geographical Information System) and Remote sensing programme from the University of Peradeniya, the oldest University in Sri Lanka. I was selected for UN mission in Haiti (Minusta) as a contingent commander for Sri Lanka Navy component (2010/2011) and was the in charge of chief security officer, Child protection officer, Logistic officer ,Civil military coordination officer ,Training officer, evaluation officer, GIS consultant for president election (2011) and Transport officer .I was fortunate to work with different NGOs and gain first-hand experience of various internal conflict situations involving rebels and radical team with UN police and Haiti police. I have many experience during disaster situation in Sri Lanka especially Tsunami ,flood, landslide and war situation GIS field and tactical evacuation process successfully. I look forward to discuss my qualification with you further.

Chatura Gamage RSP*****.MSc in (GIS & RS)
Commander(Retd) -Sri Lanka Navy

Anonymous Job Seeker

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Posted 2020-05-09 under Geospatial