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Mark Andrew Cheyne

madison, WI, USA

• GIS analysis, data models, and geodatabase design. Custom application and algorithm development. Surface water and transportation linear data models such as WI DNR 24K Hydro, USGS NHD, and WI DOT LCM, and precision agriculture data models for zone-based management of soil amendments, irrigation, and yield.
• Development of server-side tools to manage distributed editing, edit geometric networks, and perform route tracing analysis, and dynamic segmentation and routing. Data management of a versioned geodatabase in Oracle.
• GIS, earth science and precision agriculture software development using custom libraries and commercial or open source APIs such as ArcObjects, ArcGIS Server, GDAL and others using the .NET and Python platforms.
• Remote sensing analysis for natural resources management and research.
• Software architecture patterns and paradigms, management of small software development teams, requirements definition, risk management, documentation and training.

Geospatial Tech Lead and Project Manager
Earthling Interactive, Madison, WI Apr 2015-Jan 2021
Coordinate technical aspects of one development team in a large web-based precision agriculture system. Perform requirements definition, estimation, project management, software development, testing, and documentation.

Major Project Summaries
Precision Agriculture software development. Our team’s focus has been agronomist-facing features to increase automation of their work for growers, such as soil sampling, management zone creation, soil amendment prescriptions, and crop planning. We developed Python and .NET software, and supporting databases and web services, deployed at massive scale in Amazon AWS to, among other things, create management zones using arbitrary multiple input raster data layers such as Landsat & Sentinel (remote sensing), soil samples, harvester-recorded yield measurements, and high-resolution geophysical (EM) mapping. My own development focus was in .NET web mapping using a custom-built tile server for the rendering of soil sample data, management zones, and remote sensing imagery.

Consulting GIS Software Architect
Dragon Technology Solutions, Madison, WI July 2011-Apr 2015
Performed consulting services to WI DNR Water Division and WI DOT IT Bureau for GIS application development, GIS system design, and the application of GIS systems to modeling and analysis of surface water and transportation linear networks.

Major Project Summaries
WI DOT Speedzones LCM geoprocessing tools. The WI DOT Location Control Management system is an interesting linear referencing system for recording locations as mile points on the WI State Trunk Highway system that can then easily be rendered at multiple map scales as point or linear features along GIS representations of the STH network. Developed ArcGIS Server .NET geoprocessing tools that can be used via a REST API from Javascript-based web applications to generate point and line features using the LCM from points clicked in web-based maps.

WI DNR Water Division Locator Tool. Implemented a new rich-client and Javascript-based mapping application used to collect spatial data for a variety of Water Division databases. This was a replacement for a legacy system with similar responsibilities developed over the previous decade. It was a configurable plugin application designed to integrate variously with each of 7 Water Division systems and provide a great deal of web-based spatial data editing capability. It utilized several ArcGIS Server map services and .NET and Python geoprocessing services to provide cartography and geoprocessing capabilities such as: flexible snapping to surface water features; sophisticated geometric network tracing; cloning and editing of surface water polygon features.

WI DNR 24K Hydro geodatabase support. Continued ongoing work to plan and implement QA and editing tools for the 24K surface water geodatabase of Wisconsin. Developed and provided technical support to WIDNR 24K Hydro editors on custom .NET and Python editing and QA tools, and performed project planning and estimation for future related work. Provided consulting to programs wishing to use 24K Hydro for modeling and management.

Systems Development Services Specialist
WI DNR GIS Services Section, Madison, WI Oct 2006-June 2011
Perform consulting services to numerous programs for GIS database and application development, GIS system design and administration.

Major Project Summaries
WI DNR 24K Hydro geodatabase migration, maintenance. Performed needs assessment, software system and database design and implementation for the 24K surface water geodatabase of Wisconsin. Contributed to the redesign of the geodatabase as it was migrated from coverage to geodatabase. Authored ArcToolbox models and scripts to automate the migration of the 24K Hydro geodatabase from coverage to ArcSDE, taking advantage of geodatabase features such as domains, subtypes, geometric network, and topology and connectivity rules to enforce editing decision rules. Implemented an ArcGIS extension to manage 24K Hydro geodatabase editing.

Consulting development services. Maintained several legacy desktop and server GIS software applications across several ArcGIS versions, server hosting locations, and platform upgrades. Implemented an ArcGIS extension and metadata database for WI DNR GIS data discovery and standardized symbolization. Performed needs assessment, software system and database design and implementation, advocated for new approaches and technologies to program data management and analysis problems.

Software Development Leader
Soil & Topography Information (STI), LLC Jan 2004-Oct 2006
A founding member of this company. Supervised a team of developers to develop new IP (US Patent # 6959245) for high-resolution digital soil surveys for precision agriculture applications, using miniaturized cone penetrometers, electromagnetic conductivity meters, and precision differential GPS, called the Soil Information System (SIS). Lead architect of SIS field data collection and post-processing software systems that involved original GIS and remote sensing algorithm implementation.

Consulting Application Specialist
Earth Information Technologies, Corp. (STI parent company) ( Dec 2000-Jan 2004
A founding member of this company. Provided GIS application and database design and application development services using ESRI, Microsoft, Java and other technologies.

Major Project Summaries
WI DNR Surface Water Integration System. Performed needs assessment, system design, and supervised a development team for a large Avenue-based application that enabled integrated tabular and spatial querying of diverse enterprise databases within the Wisconsin DNR.

WI DNR Source Water Assessment Program. Designed and implemented an autonomous system using ArcObjects for routine scheduled loading and updating of ArcSDE feature classes from Oracle databases and shapefile directories.

GIS Laboratory Manager
International Crane Foundation, Baraboo, WI Feb 1998-Mar 1999
Responsible for GIS applications development and data management in support of ICF research into the ecology of cranes worldwide. Developed GIS capabilities for this young facility through programming, hardware and software purchases and LAN construction. Responsible for system administration of a Windows NT-based LAN and intranet.

Major Project Summaries
Briggsville, WI Sandhill Crane Study. This was a multi-year project studying Sandhill Cranes in central Wisconsin - the pattern of habitat utilization in relation to spatial variables such as habitat type, proximity to territories, roosting sites, and other habitats, and to temporal variables such as crop development stage. Developed a GIS application to support field data collection and analysis tasks in Visual Basic and Avenue. Data layers developed for the project include wetland maps, agricultural field polygons, crop types and developmental stages, breeding pair territories, and individual crane observation points.

MS (Geophysics) University of Wisconsin-Madison
Research with the US DOE in the application of airborne multispectral and hyperspectral imagery for mineral exploration and geologic mapping at Degelen Mountain, Kazakhstan.

BS (Geological Engineering) University of Wisconsin-Madison

Mark Andrew Cheyne

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