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Amanda Shoemaker


Amanda Shoemaker

TESTIMONIAL: “Amanda accurately completed several projects well before the deadline.” – Beverly Butcher, GIS Coordinator, City of Americus, Georgia
OBJECTIVE: Technology-oriented professional with real-world experience seeks challenging entry to mid-level position with high-energy organization.

Gallup Clifton Strengths Top 5 Themes: Analytical, Focus, Discipline, Significance, Continuous improvement (Restorative)


Towson University B.S., Geography and Environmental Planning
Penn State University GIS Certificate
Esri Training Web Courses Course certificates
Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 Contact Tracing
ONLC Training AutoCAD for Novice Users - Certificate
Alison Courses Continuing Education – Microsoft Word and Excel

Work Experience

Environmental Alliance GIS Specialist
Wilmington, Delaware August 2020 - October 2020
Utilized ArcMap and Excel to create thematic and analytical maps using primarily vector data for clients upon request.

Consult USA/Duquesne Light GIS Analyst
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania March - May 2020
Mapped, attributed, and performed QC work on electrical networks and associated features using primarily vector data with Esri ArcGIS Pro software. Utilized Microsoft Excel for data entry and record keeping.

WAVSYS/Crown Castle GIS Asset Specialist
Canonsburg, Pennsylvania August - November 2019
Mapped, attributed, and performed QC work fiber optic networks and associated features using primarily vector data with OSPI GIS software. Temporary contract position.

ARH Associates GIS Specialist
Hammonton, New Jersey May 2018 – January 2019
Georeferenced aerial photographs from and for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection employing Esri ArcGIS, Microsoft Excel, and database software. Collected and verified data (mainly fire hydrants and water meters) using Esri ArcCollector and a Trimble GPS unit.

Earth Data Incorporated GIS Analyst
Centreville, Maryland November – December 2017
Assisted in completion of a large digitizing project. Employed Esri ArcGIS throughout, particularly for digitization. Continuously engaged with Microsoft Excel, aerial imagery, and database software to aid in map creation and updating. Utilized Microsoft Word and Outlook for various tasks. The digitization project was completed ahead of schedule. Temporary contract position.

City of Americus GIS/GPS Analyst
Americus, Georgia August – November 2016
Utilized Esri ArcGIS throughout, particularly digitizing vector data features, QC work, and data entry. Employed Trimble GPS Unit to collect coordinates and features. Continuously engaged with Microsoft Excel and database software to aid in map creation and record updating. Provided exceptional customer service. Efficient positive communication with local government officials and members of the public. Scanned, printed, and laminated professional documents per customer request. Utilized Microsoft Word and Outlook for various tasks. Temporary contract position.

IIC Technologies Marine GIS Technician
Columbia, Maryland August 2015 – February 2016
Mapped coastlines, locks, dams, buoys, lights, other maritime features via CARIS (a type of GIS software) and Esri ArcGIS. Created features using vector (represented by points, lines, and polygons) and raster (represented by a cell grid with each cell containing its own unique value) datasets. Performed QC work on maps and data sets. Utilized Global Mapper to digitize coastlines and islands, created shapefiles and HOB files. Audited raw source data. Utilized Microsoft Word and Outlook for various tasks.

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Amanda Shoemaker

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