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David Gunther

Provo, UT, USA


BYU Geospatial Habitat Analysis Lab | Provo, Utah
Lab Assistant, Dr. Steve Petersen | December 2020 – April 2021

• Independently develop and document workflows for conducting home range estimation and future academic
• Conduct home range estimation using ArcGIS Pro 2.7 for populations of Sage Grouse using getis-ord-gi, kernel
density estimation, and MCP analysis
• Organize, clean, and aggregate data from five datasets into a cohesive, usable dataset
• Prepare and present deliverables and progress updates to clients on a monthly basis
BYU College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences | Provo, Utah
Teaching Assistant, Dr. Steve Schill | January 2021 - April 2021

• Provided in-person and remote technical support to students to teach principles of exploring/visualizing imagery, radiometric correction, geometric correction, image filtering, and image classification for a group of 15 students
• Graded student work in accordance with BYU policies and FERPA compliance
• Developed and revised examination materials for one midterm exam
Public Works, American Fork City | American Fork, Utah
GIS Analyst Intern | June 2019 – March 2021
• Maintain and update various utility coverage’s and database layers of the City’s GIS
• Performed general GIS drafting from legal descriptions, As-Built drawings, and cadastral records
• Drafted, edited, and published physical and digital copies of American Fork Maps for internal and public use
• Responsibly run the GIS division for up to two-week periods when supervisor was unavailable
• Conduct in-situ field work with GPS receivers in a variety of environmental conditions
• Directed an initiative to incorporate UAV systems into American Fork
Public Works workflows
BYU College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences | Provo, Utah
Teaching Assistant, Dr. Matthew Bekker | January 2020 - April 2020

• Identified, classified, georeferenced, mosaiced, and radiometrically corrected imagery and other relevant spatial data with 28 students to facilitate real-world study and application of class material
• Provided in-person and remote technical support to student-led project groups in preparation for a presentation at a mentored-student research conference
• Executed the transition from in-class learning to remote learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic


Greater Zakouma Ecosystem Land Cover Map | Provo, Utah
Brigham Young University | January 2020 – April 2020

• Worked with a team of five other students to provide an updated 31,000km2
landcover map for the NGO African
Parks for two national Parks in Chad using pixel- and object-based classification methods
• Prepared imagery for analysis by downloading, radiometrically correcting, and band-stacking Sentinel-2 scenes
• Responsible for the classification of water, savanna, and barren landcover types by using previously recorded
training sites, spectral signatures, and visual inspection of imagery
• Documented workflows for park managers for future use and reference

David Gunther

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