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Memphis, TN, USA

5+ Years of OGC standard geospatial concepts, PostGIS, pgRouting,
ElasticSearch, OSM data extraction, Geoserver, map visualization using leaflet,
openlayers, d3Python, PL/SQL, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB,
CouchDB, Git, Subversion, JavaScript, AngularJS, React, JQuery, Bootstrap,
CSS/LESS/Sass, Grunt/Gulp, HTML5, XML, Shell Scripting, Hadoop, MapReduce,
Windows Server 2016/2012, Mac OS X
Responsible for development, system testing, and debugging of key USPS applications.
Team lead of development and expansion of AWS cloud systems and MongoDB Big
Data infrastructure(i.e. one second breadcrumbs data of daily postal carrier routes and
spatial address database for Postal Service). Additionally, provided solutions with
training, presentations, and documentation directly to customer. Utilized a number of
scripting languages to implement various geospatial solutions on Oracle databases,
application servers (both Windows and Unix), and web servers.
● Database programming of relational databases, transportation modeling for
project-based GIS tools with Network Analyst.
● Development of USPS Enterprise Applications - Rural Street Database (RSD), Every Door
Direct Mail (EDDM), and GIS Edit along with presentations, demos and/or documentation
supporting web-based GIS efforts with ArcGIS Javascript API.
● USPS Postal carrier breadcrumb temporal/spatial analytics using Geoevent server with
non-relational database.
● Creation and administration of official USPS National GIS Services (i.e. 5-digit zip-code
polygons, USPS facilities, US district polygons, USPS carrier routes).
● ArcGIS geoprocessing web service development with Python.
● ArcGIS Server management with administration of USPS Portal and ArcGIS Online
● Coded new solutions that increased availability and scalability by 45% and 75%,

GIS Consulting, training, management, and reporting for a wide variety of groups
including the Cities of Memphis and Dyersburg, Tennessee One-Call, TDOT, University of
Memphis, and so on.
● Lead advisor/consultant for the City of Dyersburg digitization of public works
infrastructure. Developed, planned, and implemented project requirements such as
employee training, database collection/modeling, equipment acquisition and usage,
and workstation software installation and administration of system access and security for
Dyersburg GIS portal and AWS cloud environment
● GIS point of contact for City of Memphis for projects including CMAQ (Congestion,
Mitigation, and Air Quality), Midtown drainage basin analysis, and Whitehaven zoning
● Map development for real-time tracking and management of Tennessee One-Call
● Point of contact for University of Memphis/Holiday Inn Central Avenue landscape
reconstruction and median construction. Developed zone maps and conducted
drainage modeling and general topology with zone maps.
● Web Map development of real-time TDOT construction delays of I-40/I-240 overpass using
ArcGIS Javascript API

Developer-Associate from Amazon Web Services, June, 2018
Recent Training and Seminars:
▪ ESRI Professional Services:
o Hadoop Distributed File Systems and MapReduce
o Machine Learning
o USPS GIS Portal Overhaul
▪ Esri Developer Summit Conference , Palm Springs, CA March 2018, 2017, and 2016
▪ Webucator Advanced Javascript Course , August 2018
▪ University of Memphis, Python Data Sciences Three-day Workshop, October 2017
▪ USPS Subversion Course, January 2019
▪ USPS Agile Software Development Lifecycle Course, November 2018

Anonymous Job Seeker

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