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Logan Swanson

Atlanta, GA, USA

Logan William Swanson

Atlanta, Georgia, 30329
(406) 880-4059
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GIS Tech
Former Wildland Firefighter with 6 years of experience in demanding positions. Looking for work in the field of Geographic Information Systems. Possesses a Bachelor's in English, a technical certificate in Geographic Information Systems and quality leadership skills.

Leadership experience
Web and tech savvy, require little to no training
Trained in Arcmaps software
Geographic Information Systems and Analysis
Data Analysis
Accustomed to lengthy deployments/mobile tasks
Woodworking skills
Farm labor
Heavy Machinery
Type 1 Firefighting
Recruiting and retaining staff

GIS Technical Certificate: Geographic Information Systems
Salish Kootenai College - Pablo, Montana
President's List, third quarter, May 2020
Graduated with 4.0 GPA
MontanaView Fellowship recipient, presented at Montana GeoCon
Worked on side projects with teachers.
Bachelor of English
University of Montana - Missoula, Montana

Work History
2019-12 - 2020-04 Census Recruiting Assistant
United States Census Bureau, Arlee, Montana
Worked to find, interview and hire potential US Census employees.
Developed and strengthened relationships with college campus representatives to find willing students to work for the US Census.
Worked with non-profits to maximize information spread and recruitment possibilities.
Distributed US Census related materials and discussed them with potential employees.
Assisted prospective employees with online applications and follow-up necessities.
Toured areas in the Flathead Reservation that could feature Census materials.
Worked with Native American advocacy groups to distribute Census materials on reservations.
Hosted meetings to discuss the Census with prospective employees.
Followed up with prospective employees on a flexible schedule.
2019-05 - 2019-10 Farmhand
Harlequin Produce, Arlee, Montana
Mass harvest of crops with a small team, often working extra hours to complete the harvest.
Weeding with special considerations to different crops.
Construction of irrigation lines and monitoring of plant hydration, watering a variety of plants
Long hours in hot conditions conducting manual labor.
Checked farmland for issues in need of attention, such as fences to mend and broken pipes to fix.
Removed rocks and prepared soil for planting.
Planted various crops in fields, helping farmers distribute seeds and plan harvesting schedules.
Monitored inventories of planting supplies and farm tools to maintain smooth farm operations.
Customer service, tours of facility.
2019-01 - 2019-04 SAExploration
Ice Checker, Deadhorse, Alaska
Driving a tucker terrain vehicle across the arctic tundra with a ground penetrating radar system sled in tow.
Long hours of steady driving in the arctic circle, handling heavy equipment, mapping software and equipment.
On the fly repairs in below freezing weather, maintenance of heavy equipment and mapping systems.
Worked closely with mappers to calibrate data, check inaccuracies and find errors.
Worked closely with corporate managers to analyze situations and make plans accordingly.
Adapted to harsh weather and extremely difficult logistic concerns.
Maintained excellent attendance record, consistently arriving to work on early, prepared and taking no days off.
Extended deployment (90 days) in a remote area of Alaska.
2018-05 - 2018-10 Engine Crew-member
Glacier National Park, West Glacier, Missoula, MT
Wildland firefighting on a five crew fire engine.
Squad leader, radio operator, weather surveyor, sawyer, burn assistant, engine driver and pump operator.
Extensive physical labor while maintaining hydration, safety and wildfire awareness.
Setting up and maintaining heavy equipment, chainsaw use and maintenance, pump operations, hose lays.
Firefighting assessments and strategies, often adapting on the fly to rapidly changing circumstances.
Vehicle operations and maintenance, assessments of vehicle capabilities on the fly.
Extended deployments around Glacier National Park.
Minimized delays by planning and adjusting routes to account for changing weather and traffic conditions.
Clearly communicated with dispatchers and district managers, giving updated information, including estimated times of arrival and latest road conditions.
Executed safety practices daily, often in difficult circumstances.
Inspected truck for defects and safe operating condition before, during and after trips.
Operated pumping engine to direct water pressure in hose and nozzle for most efficient operation.
2016-03 - 2017-10 Helitack Crewmember
DNRC, Helena, MT
Initial Attack wildland firefighting utilizing a Bell 205 Huey helicopter.
Firefighter Type 1 training, squad boss and crew boss trained, leadership roles filled.
Extensive physical labor for long hours while maintaining safety, hydration and wildfire awareness.
Cut and cleared brush, as well as dug trenches to create fire lines using axes, chainsaws or shovels.
Carrying and setting up firefighting equipment such as portable pumps, helicopter sling loads and various fire ignition devices.
Tactical firefighting assessments in rapidly changing situations.
Patrolled burnt areas after fires to locate and eliminate hot spots that could flare or rekindle.
Directing bucket drops from the ground, relaying geographical information to pilots, choosing targets and approaches.
Choosing the appropriate setting, devices and crew for back-burns and then implementing them, often in a rapidly changing situation.
Preparing helicopter sling-loads to deliver equipment, calculating weight, distance, fuel and needed supplies.
Maintenance of Huey 205 helicopter, daily safety inspections.
Working closely with pilots.
Extended deployments around Montana.
2016-03 - 2017-10 Plow Truck Driver
Nature's Best Inc., Montana, MT
Removed snow, ice and debris from roadways after storms to clear private businesses and roadways.
Driving in extreme weather conditions for long hours during night shifts.
Truck maintenance and upkeep, routine safety inspections.
Safely controlled traffic in high-volume areas during roadwork projects and repairs.
Operated all heavy equipment properly according to employer safety specifications.
2013-05 - 2016-04 Wildland Firefighter
Greyback Forestry, Missoula, MT
Wildland firefighting with a twenty person hand-crew.
Squad leader, radio operator, weather surveyor, sawyer, burn assistant, truck driver.
Extensive physical labor while maintaining hydration, safety and wildfire awareness.
Chainsaw use and maintenance, equipment setup, maintenance and support.
Crew equipment inspections, safety inspections, personal safety and crew cohesion discussions.
Firefighting assessments and strategies done in rapidly changing situations.
Extended deployments around the United States for up to twenty days.
2012-01 - 2013-01 Farmhand
Benson's Farm, Missoula, Montana
Planting, tending and harvesting crops.
Weeding with special understanding of different crops.
Construction of irrigation lines, maintenance and breakdown of said lines.
Watering a variety of plants, tending to specific needs.
Customer service, tours of facility and interactions with salespeople.
Long hours in hot conditions doing manual labor.

Logan Swanson

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