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Val Balent

Dallas, TX, USA

Objective: To expand into a progressive and professional GIS career with many skillful and challenging opportunities
available for my continued enhancement. To carry over my valuable knowledge of Project Management, Design and
Implementation, along with Software Development in the GIS industry.

Operating Systems:
Servers: Unix.x, Linux.x, Windows.x
P.C.: Windows.x, SUN, DOS, MacOS, and Virtual Machines, etc.

Programming Languages:
Shell Scripting, Python, .NET (various), ArcObjects, Java, SQL, NoSQL, PL/SQL, UNIX Scripting, VI
Editor, Visual Basic, C #, PERL, C/C++, AML, Avenue, MapBasic, CVS (Concurrent Versioning
System), TFS

GDAL, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, OGR, GQIS, ArcGIS 10.x ,ArcINFO, ArcGIS Online, ArcIMS, ArcView,
ArcSDE, ArcPAD, ArcFM, GeoServer (Apache/Tomcat), Google Earth Fusion/Server, Safe FME,
ERDAS Imagine, ORACLE Spatial, AutoCAD, SDS, MapInfo, Target Pro, APS (in-house Software),
IDRISI, Atlas *GIS, MicroStation, VISIO, OSM (OpenStreetMap), LIDAR, Linear Referencing
GPS: TGO Office, TGO PLAN, GPS Pathfinder

ORACLE 11g/12g, MAXIMO, Hansen, PLS CADD, LEGACY Systems, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe
InDesign, SketchUp, COGNOS, Brio Query, TOPOS (GOGO Software), EMACS, Pathfinder (GPS
Software) Microsoft Office.x (Access, Excel, Power Point, Word, Publisher, InfoPath), CorelDRAW!,
Dbase IV, SAS, and various other software.

Professional Experience:
(02/18 – Present) CIO at Dibzi, LLC – Mobile Marketing at Dibzi – Dallas and Austin, TX
Chief Information Officer for GIS/Mobile Marketing at Dibzi, LLC. Currently I have taken a Personal Leave for my
Family as well as maintaining my up to date Knowledge Base and hands on experience with ArcGIS 10.x, and Beta
releases from ESRI. Dibzi is founded on 4G Mobile Network, but specifically 5G Mobile Network Structure and
Capacity. Actively researching/testing on GIS Spatial Programs and Customer/Clients wants and needs.

(01/17 – 01/18) GIS Administrator/Analyst – City of Memphis - Memphis, TN
I worked with City of Memphis on a contract role for a GIS Administrator. Administer both UNIX and Windows based
support for the entire ESRI software suite (ArcServer, ArcIMS, ArcSDE, ArcGIS 9.5, etc.) Update raster Imagery.
Software Core of ArcSDE, including ArcServer and web services. Included ArcPortal as well. All Aerial imagery was
corrected for Projection, Compressed and Mosaicked and Tiled City Wide. Administered ArcSDE, including ArcServer
and AGO web services

(04/16 – 01/17) Customer Service Representative – Conduent (Xerox) - Colorado Springs, CO
Actively listen to each customer with patience and courtesy. Analyze and Log Calls into a Customer Database and
Billing Work Order Management System.

(04/15 – 04/16) Sr. GIS Analyst/DBA – Google - Mountain View, CA
Utilized Oracle Spatial Graph to follow Trends in the Fiber Markets for Internet Service. Provide Support and Analysis
on Google Fiber projects, this includes current market cities and future expanding market cities. Primarily supported
and both the transition from the current Web-based mapping system to the new Google proprietary Web-based
system and Google Database.

(02/14 – 04/15) Sr. GIS Analyst/DBA – City of Las Vegas - Las Vegas, NV
Provide the City of Las Vegas with a better understanding on how to leverage their IT – GIS Department staff. This
includes but is not limited to Software/Hardware/Server Administration/Software Development.
Primarily involved in ArcGIS Online Web Maps and Web Apps creation. Administered ArcSDE, including ArcServer and
AGO web services. Update Hansen software and PLS CADD daily.

(01/13 – 02/14) Google Earth Engineer - DBA/Analyst - New York State DCJS - Albany, NY
GIS analysis was performed using ESRI ArcGIS products. Hotspots, trends, and analysis of high value cases. Part 1
crimes were of primary investigation. Presented data analysis and tools to those needing to know basis as well as
briefings. Developed customized reports for all DIR (Domestic Incident Reports) statewide, along with License Plate
and Ankle Bracelets GPS monitoring of daily data for anomalies.

(10/09 – 01/13) EAM Project GEOS – Sr. GIS Analyst - Amtrak (National Passenger Railroad Company)
Philadelphia, PA
Created private/sensitive Google Earth Worlds for Amtrak. Google Earth Runs on Linux (UNIX) and utilizes Oracle
Spatial as well as Shell Scripting. Administered all Linux/Unix Boxes for Development/Testing/Staging/Production (12
+ Servers) Including Expansion, Back-up and Disaster plans.

(01/07 – 10/09) Sr. GIS Analyst – NV Energy (Nevada Power and Sierra Pacific Power Company)
Las Vegas, NV
Created a Central Repository of all GIS DATA collected by NV ENERGY corporate wide. Lead's the NV ENERGY
Renewable Resources GIS data as posted on the NV State Government website - RETACC. This was reviewed and
approved by the Nevada Governor in 2009.
Create batch running for the entire NV Energy Asset Information Management weekly processes. Created the Forest
Fire Hazard Mapping Application Maps (Exhibits) for EXECUTIVE decision making. Administered ArcSDE, including
ArcServer and web services.

(01/05 –01/07) GIS/DBA/GPS - GIS Administrator/Analyst - Las Vegas Valley Water District/(Southern Nevada
Water Authority) Las Vegas, NV
GIS Corporate/Enterprise DBA Role.
To provide enterprise and software support role for 150+ GIS end users within the
LVVWD/SNWA/Springs Preserve - Corporation. Administer both UNIX and Windows based support
for the entire ESRI software suite (ArcServer, ArcIMS, ArcSDE, ArcGIS, etc.) Update
raster Imagery twice yearly. Develop GIS Applications for all possible Engineering,
Planning, and Architectural projects.

(09/97 – 01/05) GIS Analyst - ASI (Analytical Surveys Inc.) Sanborn Inc. Colorado Springs, CO
Software Support and Development for many Multi-Million Dollar GIS Utility Contracts, and various other GIS
projects, including Electric, Water, and Telephone.

MS Visual Basic 6.0, Denver, CO – “Mastering Visual Basic 6.0”
MapInfo, Denver, CO – “Advanced MapInfo 6.0”
ArcInfo ArcGIS 10.0, Boulder, CO - ESRI Office - “Understanding ARC GIS 10.0”
FME (Feature Manipulation Engine), Denver, CO – “Advanced Design and Programming FME”
Python, Las Vegas, NV ESRI In-class Training “Advanced Python Programming”
FME (Feature Manipulation Engine), Vancouver (Whistler), BC -– “Advanced Transformer Programming in FME”
RedHat Linux Server, King of Prussia, PA – RedHat Linux Server Advanced Administration training.
Google Earth Enterprise Engineer Training, Reston, VA – Google Earth Engineer Advanced Administration training.

Sir Sandford Fleming College, Lindsay, ON Post-Graduate Program – Geographical Information Systems
Application Specialist
With an emphasis on Project Implementation, including Database design, Programming, Spatial Statistics,
GUI Setup, and Graphic Display.
University of Guelph, Guelph, ON BA – Geography With an emphasis on GIS, Planning, and Remote Sensing

Additional Information and References Available Upon Request

Val Balent

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