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Anthony Whaley



08/2018-present Utah State University (Logan, Utah)
Master of Science, Soil Science
Major Advisor: Jennifer Reeve

08/2010-05/2015 University of Dayton (Dayton, Ohio) Bachelor of Science, Environmental Geology
Sustainability, Energy and the Environment (SEE) Minor
Chemistry Minor
Extensive coursework in Geographic Information Systems

Professional Experience

12/2019-02/2020 Esri (Washington, D.C.)
2020 Esri FedGIS Conference Student Assistantship
Assisted with conference logistics, registration and professional development sessions.

08/2019-present Utah State University – Environment & Society Department (Logan, Utah)
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Instructed laboratory session for Introduction to Geographic Information Science Lab and Advanced Geospatial Analysis Lab.

11/2018- present Compost Cache Valley LLC (Providence, Utah)
Owner and Director of Operations and Finance
Founded and manage small business to divert 1,000 lbs. of food waste per month from landfills.

08/2018-present Utah State University – Plant, Soils & Climate Department (Logan, Utah)
Graduate Research Assistant
Quantified and visualized ecosystem services provided by agricultural land along the Wasatch Range Metropolitan Area.

01/2015-08/2018 Great Miami Outfitters (Centerville, Ohio)
Program Coordinator, Instructor and Lead Sales Associate
Coordinated backpacking and kayaking programs while working with customers on a retail sales floor.

08/2015-05/2017 University of Dayton – Department of Geology (Dayton, Ohio) Part-Time Faculty
Instructed laboratory session for the Dynamic Earth Lab and Earth, Environment and Society Lab.


Hansen, S., Gunnell, J., Whaley, A., Dai, X., Harding, C., Black, B. Adaptability of tree species as windbreaks for urban farms in the U.S. Intermountain West. Horticulturae [under review].

Whaley, A., Reeve, J., Black, B., Ransom, C., Alston, D., Culumber, M., Coyle, L. Establishing Organic Peaches in the Intermountain West. eOrganic (4 September 2019).

Whaley, A., Reeve, J., Chamberlain, B. Quantifying and Visualizing Orchards and Veg¬etable Crops Rate of Change Along the Wasatch Front, Utah (2019). Abstracts (As a supplement to HortScience Volume 54 (9) September 2019, HortScience, 54 (9S), S1-S362. Abstract n. 40 (S324).

Technical Skills

Esri ArcGIS Pro and Esri ArcGIS for Desktop (Advanced)
Designing effective maps for publishing in paper and online.
Adept at critically evaluating geospatial problems.
Proficient at identifying and utilizing relevant resources to accomplish geospatial tasks.
Using ModelBuilder to develop automated, repeatable workflows.
Conducting land use change analyses.
Analyzing vector datasets and Performing hot-spot analyses.
Analyzing raster datasets and Interpolating density surfaces.
Digitizing new vector datasets and georeferencing historical images.
Exporting data into and out of .KML format.

Esri ArcGIS Online (Intermediate)
Accessing and providing data.
Importing data into Geo Apps.

Esri Story Maps (Intermediate)
Designing effective layouts to concisely share stories.
Incorporating narrative content with charts and maps.

Esri Web Geo App Development (Intermediate)
Developing geo-enabled web app to visualize land use datasets.
Successfully competed Esri’s Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) “Do-It-Yourself Geo Apps.”

Google Earth Pro (Intermediate)
Digitizing vector datasets.
Sharing .KML files of vector and raster datasets.
Exporting data to ArcGIS for Desktop and ArcGIS Pro.

Python (Beginner)
Updating attribute tables.
Incorporating existing scripts into ArcPy Module for use in ModelBuilder.
Using PyCharm to edit and troubleshoot existing Python scripts.

XML (Beginner)
Scripting Google Earth fly overs to visualize the land use datasets.


05/2019 SA Graduate Enhancement Award
Utah State University – Graduate Student Association
04/2019 AGRI William C. Claypool Scholarship
Utah State University – Plants, Soils & Climate Department
04/2019 AGRI Apogee Instruments – Campbell Scientific Graduate Fellowship
Utah State University – Plants, Soils & Climate Department
04/2019 AGRI DeVere McAllister Scholarship
Utah State University – Plants, Soils & Climate Department
03/2019 Top 20 Finalist for Compost Cache Valley in the Utah Entrepreneur Challenge
Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute at the University of Utah
02/2019 Winner of the Student Paper Competition
eOrganic and American Society of Horticultural Sciences’ (ASHS) Organic Horticulture Interest Group

Anthony Whaley

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