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Carlos Jara Alvarez

Bath, United Kingdom


32 Glebe Road, BA2 1JB, Bath,UK.  07596027545; ; carlosjara6

I have the ability to analyze geospatial information through SQL language and manage it with a GIS software. As a professional, I have a junior profile, asking for responsible backup when needed, however work independently with enough time though. With my previous employer I was involved in using large datasets, lying in between GIS software and databases. I am currently looking for a company that would be working with environmental issues and where I would be able to improve my data analysis skills and use GIS tools.

• Willing to learn more and improve my skills in the GIS & Remote Sensing field.
• Proven ability to work with databases and SQL language.
• Very good at researching data.
• Capable of handle geospatial information: aerial images, vectors and raster.
• Experienced in dealing with GIS software and tools.
• Able to use Linux terminal and basic bash scripts.
• Flexible and adaptable to any kind of work environment due to my diverse professional background.


Living Map Company, Bath, UK
GIS Technician: 4th December 2017 - 11th May 2018
• Use of QGIS for the management of geospatial information.
• Georeferencing CAD files and use of the GRASS terminal and package for process automation.
• Georeferencing Raster files.
• Use of SQL language generating queries and functions for better data management and their display in a GIS software.
• PostgreSQL and PostGIS
• Good at the Linux terminal and bash scripts.
• Atom for handling SQL scripts.
• Few experience handling UK datasets.
• Have used OpenStreetMap data

Living Map Company, Bath, UK
GIS Intern: 16th January 2017 - 14th July 2017
• Creating, editing and digitizing vector using QGIS
• Use of SQL language in order to create tables and queries.
• Basic knowledge in Linux.

Mancomunidad de la Comarca de Pamplona, Pamplona, Spain
Master Degree Internship: 2nd May 2016 - 15th September 2016
• Downloading and preparing aerial imagery as Landsat and Sentinel-2.
• Bibliographic research.
• Use of ENVI software.
• Purpose: finding algae formations on the surface of water reservoirs using remote sensing data.

Legambiente, Fontigo, Italia
European Volunteer Service (EVS): 11th March 2013 - 30th October 2013
• Raise-awareness activities for children and young people regarding environmental issues.
• Prepared English and Spanish lessons for Italian native speakers, both kids and adults.
• Maintenance of the natural area called “Fontane Bianche”.
• Cleaning paths and rivers.
• Week experience in an anti-mafia association called Libera in Lecco (Piemonte).


Universidad Pϊblica de Navarra
Master Degree in GIS & Remote Sensing: September 2015 - June 2018
• QGIS & ArcMap in order to handle geospatial information and layers.
• SQL language
• CatMEDIT for publishing metadata
• Photogrammetry
• ENVI for aerial imagery analysis
• RStudio for geostatistics
• Basic Python knowledge
• Web mapping : html, JavaScript and css.

Instituto Superior de Medio Ambiente
Online Course: Remote Sensing Applied to Environmental Projects: October 2014 - December 2014
• Vegetation Indexes
• Band ratios
• Principles of Remote Sensing

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Erasmus Programme Exchange: August 2009 - June 2010
• Population, Health and Space
• Heritage Planning
• Water Management

Universidad de Zaragoza
Bachelor Degree in Geography: September 2006 - June 2012
• Remote sensing
• Principles of Cartography
• Spatial Planning
• Urban Geography

I enjoy hiking in mountains (i.e. Dolomites or Pyrenees) and cycling, either mountain bike or road bike. I΄m a high environmental-sensitive person, willing to preserve the nature as it stands. Map enthusiastic.

References are available upon request

Carlos Jara Alvarez

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