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Boanerges Camara


Cartographer holding a Master's degree in Geography

I am a passionate GIS cartography enthusiast, I hold a Master's degree in Geography and I would be happy to put my skills at your service. I live in Senegal, I speak French, and my English is not the best but I am motivated to learn and work with you. I have translated my CV into English and I know that through my skills, we can work together. I hope you will read my CV carefully, which will tell you more about my background. Please do not hesitate to contact me and I will share with you some examples of maps that I have created throughout my career.

• Implementation of a Geographic Information System (GIS)
• Production of thematic maps
• SIG trainer
• Monitoring of activities and programs
• Solid waste management
• Mastered mapping software: Arcgis; Qgis, Surfer, Global mapper, Google Earth
• Mastered office software: Excel, Word, Power Point, MS Project
• Tools for data collection mastered: Garmin GPS, ODK Collect, Kobo Collect.
• Example tutorial of my training:

Professional experience
2021-2023: In charge of waste management infrastructure for Dakar 3 and Dakar 4 at the Urban Solid Waste Management Coordination Unit (UCG/SONAGED).
Tasks and Responsibilities:
• Mapping and monitoring of waste management infrastructure
• Proposal of sites for waste management infrastructure installation
• Management and monitoring of waste management infrastructure

2016-2021: Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant in charge of mapping at the Urban Solid Waste Management Coordination Unit (UCG)
Tasks and Responsibilities:
• Mapping of waste management system (mapping of waste deposits, collection and sweeping circuits, high waste production sites, drop-off points, etc.)
• Redesigning and optimizing collection circuits
• Proposal of a collection and sweeping circuit organization scheme
• Production of thematic maps
• Monitoring of upgrading operations for the eradication of waste deposits
• Writing of quarterly activity reports

February 2021-August 2021: Intern at Gaea21, a Swiss association for the implementation of sustainable development and Agenda 21
Tasks and Responsibilities:
• Development of a GIS training module with Arcgis software
• Collection of shapefile data for the municipality of Thonon
• Preparation of a document on solutions for plastic peril

2015-2016: Geomatics Consultant at UCG, in charge of mapping the department of Guédiawaye
Tasks and Responsibilities:
• Diagnosis of the collection and sweeping system through mapping of the Dakar region
• Proposal of a reorganization of the waste management system

2018: Supervisor for the mapping of shops in the Dakar region
Tasks and Responsibilities:
• Supervision of investigators for the census and mapping of shops selling fries and cheese or in need of these products in the Dakar region

2014-2015: GIS Trainer for individuals, including students, surveyors, and a World Health Organization (WHO) agent

2014: 3-month internship at the Regional Development Agency (ARD) of Ziguinchor in the project monitoring and evaluation division
Tasks and Responsibilities:
• Mapping
• Contribution to the problem of urban solid waste management in the municipality of Ziguinchor
• Participation in environmental committee meetings in the region

2014: 3-month internship at SENRE Africa, a company specialized in the sale, installation of solar panels, and promotion of renewable energy
Tasks and Responsibilities: Prospecting for the launch of a fuel. Salesperson for the sale of low-consumption lamps (LBC).
2012: Internship at APESVE-Senegal (Association for the Promotion of Solar Energy and Wind Valuation)
Tasks and Responsibilities: Promotion of renewable energy. Environmental protection through awareness-raising actions in schools.


Boanerges Camara

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