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Saied Farag

Cairo, Egypt

GIS Analyst | Modern GIS | Python Aug 2017 - Present
Top Rated Plus Freelancer on Upwork.
profile link is provided in the Personal details section of the resume.
link of my portfolio:
Some of my clients on Upwork with good testimonials:
Aleph Communications Ltd, Canada.
Gaiasoft International, United Kingdom.
Wild Dingo Press, Australia.
Bytelogics, USA.
Rencon Forestry Pty Ltd, Australia.
Magnetomedia, Morocco.
Mozaic technologies, Oman.

GIS Specialist Jan 2020 - Present
Art of The Trek, Wyoming
Editing, updating, and improving geospatial data of OpenStreetMap to be
rendered on Mapbox Outdoor map and Mapbox Routing API. Focusing on
Hiking trails and Water sources.
Lead of OSM mapping team.
Building a manual of procedures for the new mapping team members to
follow and providing QC for them.
Most of Jackson, Wyoming area has been well mapped by now on OSM
which is the main area for AOTT users.
+10,000 km distance around the U.S. and Europe of trails/paths have been
created on OSM to help users and guides with planning more successful trips
and discovering new adventures.
The map of AOTT is standing out and contains more trails/features than
Tools: JOSM - ArcGIS Pro - QGIS - OSMCha - Google Earth.

GIS Specialist Nov 2021 - May 2022
Spare Labs, Vancouver
Perform needed changes on OpenStreetMap dataset of the focused area.
Export changes in the OSC file which will be used to implement a custom
routing system/API for driving.
Helping Spare labs with having the efficient OSM dataset which will make
developers able to implement the correct routing on maps of mobile apps.
Waterdown City, Hamilton, ON, Canada.
Burlington City, ON, Canada.
Tools: JOSM - ArcGIS - MS Excel - OSMOSIS - Google Earth.

GIS Data Analyst Sep 2020 - May 2021
Connectbase, Westborough
Clean, analyze, and process data/projects of Communications & Internet
companies that are customers of Connectbase.
Establish and maintain GIS data and workflow standards.
Maintains attribute data pertaining to specific features such as serviceability,
product, and pricing data related to location.
Maintains customer data using GIS tools and performs spatial analysis for
electronic mapping.
Onboarding many clients.
Uploading the correct/cleaned data on Connectbase's system which was
crucial for building reliability between Connectbase and clients.
Performing GIS spatial analysis and Network analysis to get results of lead
generation for Communications & Internet companies/providers.
Assists with data gathering and compilation, Geographic Information
Systems, GPS, mapping, and data analysis.
Maintain GIS systems and coordinate with database administrators to ensure
system performance and availability.
Clients that I have completed projects for:
[Atlantech - Comcast - Core Tech - Fatbeam - Great Plains Communications -
Vyve - RidgeLink - PCCW - PenTeleData - Segra - TeraGo - UPN - Verizon -
MetroNet - Iristel - Xplornet - Pavlov Media].
Tools: ArcGIS Pro - Python - MS Excel -Pandas - GeoPandas.

GIS Specialist Nov 2018 - Feb 2020
W.F. Whelan Co, Canton
Building and Creating GIS spatial data of warehouses of ports that are
relevant to W.F. Whelan Co.
Saving so much time and effort in getting too much spatial data of
warehouses in GIS format with needed attributes.

Cartographer Sep 2018 - Feb 2020
Bookmundi ApS, Denmark
Creating and Designing travel maps using GIS tools, to be added to tourism
articles about places.
+100 maps have been created and approved by Bookmundi.
Live samples:

Saied Farag

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