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I am a surveying engineer specialized in GIS and Cartography.

I have 10 years of experience in geospatial studies (environmental, cadastral, spatial and urban design) and I am an advanced user of ArcMap and AutoCAD. I have great analytical skills and I am very enthusiastic about manipulating and interpreting spatial data, recognizing spatial patterns and describing the results in technical reports.

Parallel to my working practice as an engineer I got involved in extended GIS seminars of the National Technical University of Athens and later on I had the opportunity to further specialize in GIS through my participation in GIS masterĘs program of Lund University,Sweden. The results of my diploma thesis have been published in the Journal of Environmental Planning and Management.

As GIS user I am familiar with the generalization of SQL queries in a GIS environment, and I have also theoretical as well practical knowledge on Web Mapping Services (WMS) and Open Source GIS.

I am very much interested in a home-based GIS Analyst career and willing to travel when the work demands it.

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Anonymous Job Seeker

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Posted 2019-07-10 under Geospatial