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Evan Margiotta

Austin, TX, USA

Research Assistant
NASA Carbon Systems and Monitoring Grant – American University
Washington, DC
Feb 2020 – Present
Worked in GIS/remote sensing lab on research concerning the biodiversity of Alaskan boreal forests. Utilized relevant spatial packages in ArcMap and R to automate the extraction of hyperspectral and lidar data from research sites. Developed machine learning classification methods to characterize species of trees from collected data according to NASA and US Forest Service specifications. Wrote technical report and scientific poster presented virtually at the American Geophysical Union's 2020 conference.

Teaching Assistant – CSC 310: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
American University
Washington, DC
Aug 2020 – Dec 2020
Assisted with teaching the university's introductory GIS class. Held office hours, graded labs, and helped with in class instruction. Because the class requires proprietary software typically accessed on campus lab computers, much of my responsibility dealt with facilitating and troubleshooting access to campus resources during the COVID-related remote semester.

NASA – Earth Science Division
Washington, DC
June 2020 – Aug 2020
Using satellite data, performed research on the extent of algal blooms in the Caribbean, identifying the islands at greatest risk of dangerous beachings. That research culminated in the development of a technical report on algal blooms that both summarized our research and recommended next steps for relevant NASA missions, tools, and sensors to be of use in minimizing adverse algal impacts.

GIS Researcher
Students Against Child Marriage (Freelance)
Washington, DC
July 2020, Feb 2021
Worked with graphic and web team to develop public facing cartographic products to be imbedded on organization’s website. The maps and graphics produced in this project were made using Tableau software to display data on child marriage by state throughout the U.S.

Legislative Intern
Office of Texas State Representative Ryan Guillen
Austin, TX
May 2019 – July 2019
Conducted research on rural health policy and worked to craft legislative proposals. Drafted press releases, social media content, and intergovernmental memos. Managed constituent correspondence and casework, focusing on updating data in the Texas Democrats’ Voter Activation Network.

American University
B.A. in Geography

Margiotta, Evan, Michael Alonzo, Hans-Erik Andersen, and Bruce Cook. “Boreal Forest Tree Species Classification at the Crown Scale Using Fusion of G-LiHT Hyperspectral and Lidar Data.” Poster Presentation, American Geophysical Union, December 15, 2020. [Associated Paper Forthcoming].

[Forthcoming] Margiotta, Evan. “Understanding Spatial Patterns of Eviction in Washington DC.” NCUR Proceedings.

GIS Software– Extensive experience working with raster and vector data in ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro for both research and visualization purposes. Intermediate knowledge of analogous processes in QGIS. Extensive experience working with demographic and census data, in both spatial and nonspatial forms.

Statistical Software – Intermediate knowledge of spatial packages in R, mainly for remote sensing and machine learning processes. Basic knowledge of spatial econometric analysis and visualization tools in R. Intermediate knowledge of similar statistical software including SPSS and STATA.

Evan Margiotta

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