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Conner Coopchik

New York City, NY, USA

As an Imagery Analyst for a leading technology company, I have had the unique experience of analyzing high resolution 3D geodata and performing quality assurance reviews of our 3D maps from acquisition to export. I have also run numerous workshops and I have trained new employees and contractors on how to use Maxar’s proprietary software. Additionally, through my Geospatial Intelligence master’s program at the University of Maryland, I have developed a working understanding of numerous mapping programs, such as ArcGIS Pro, QGIS, ENVI, and ERDAS Imagine. I also possess foundational knowledge in multiple coding languages such as RStudio, Python, HTML, and JavaScript.
In my previous experience as a Fraud Investigator for the Department of Investigation, and as a Compliance Analyst for a major international bank; I have learned how to maintain numerous case dockets, gather data/evidence from open and closed sources, and present my findings in intelligence products based on facts. I am more than eager to use my broad range of experience to make a difference and take on new challenges using GIS applications and data analytics. Please contact me by phone at 203-216-2613 or by email at

Conner Coopchik

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Posted 2023-05-04 under Remote Sensing