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Samuel Arnold

Chestertown, MD, USA

---Samuel Arnold---

Chestertown, Maryland
(717) 713-7332



Detail-oriented data visualization specialist with 2 years of experience using GIS software and Microsoft Excel to manage and visualize spatial data. Proficient in database management, using Python to automate repetitive tasks, and using GIS software to represent complex environmental issues through the use of visual aids.


-- ESRI Suite: ArcGIS Pro, Online, Dashboards, StoryMaps,
Survey123, Field Maps
-- Geospatial Tools: Quantum GIS (QGIS), OpenStreetMap,
-- Languages: Python, LaTeX, MySQL
-- Libraries: Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, OpenCV
-- Microsoft Suite: Excel, Access, Word, Sharepoint,
PowerPoint, Teams, Outlook
-- Additional Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop,
Adobe Acrobat


GIS Analyst I Oct 2022 - Present
Washington College Chestertown, MD

-- Compose monthly risk-analysis maps of vehicle thefts and
impaired driving using ArcGIS Pro and Adobe Illustrator
-- Automate data queries using Arcade to increase efficiency
of data selection and exportation
-- Coordinate with Maryland Department of Transportation on
upcoming projects, deadlines, and grant funding
-- Create StoryMaps, Dashboards, and Web Applications to
pair with our reports for public-facing clients
-- Supervise 15+ GIS interns by answering questions,
troubleshooting problems, and providing map corrections

Next-Gen 911 GIS Analys Feb 2022 - Oct 2022
Inteliquent Boulder, CO

-- Identified and corrected data from collected shapefiles
to meet professional quality standards using QGIS and
-- Doubled data correction efficiency by creating and
integrating python scripts into the QGIS workflow
-- Worked with local government and law enforcement to
collect and update our geodatabase for 911 call routing

GIS Lab Assistant Aug 2021 - Dec 2021
Dickinson College Carlisle, PA

-- Developed student training modules for concepts such as
"Data Management" and "Cartographic Standards"
-- Maintained lab computers by managing ESRI user
permissions in ArcGIS Enterprise and updating firmware
-- Researched and documented new spatial software that could
be taught in the Advanced GIS course curriculum

Research Assistant May 2021 - Aug 2021
NSF Fellow Cambridge, MD

-- Taught myself how to utilize machine learning and Python
to create an automated image segmentation program
-- Constructed a working machine learning model therefore
eliminating the need for manually segmenting images
-- Presented a final research project to stakeholders
regarding the outcome of the image segmentation program


Google Data Analytics Professional Certification March 2023 - Present

Dickinson College
Carlisle, PA Aug 2017 - Dec 2021
Bachelor of Science in Earth Science
Bachelor of Science in Archaeology
Minor in Anthropology

-- Senior Capstone: Lead Test of the Corotoman Re‐Use
Hypothesis for the Stone Floor of Colonial Christ Church
(Irvington, VA).

-- Published: Quarterly Bulletin of the Archeological
Society of Virginia ‐ Volume 76, 3rd Edition, September

-- Presented: Society for American Archaeology (SAA) 86th
Annual Meeting ‐ April 2021.

-- Study Abroad: The School for Field Studies (SFS) South
Caicos ‐ Marine Resource Management.


SoundCloud Web Scraper
Software Used: Python, Pandas, MySQL, Beautiful Soup

-- Designed a script using Python, Selenium, and Beautiful
Soup to collect my listening history on Soundcloud
-- Extracted, manipulated, and managed HTML text from
SoundCloud in a data frame using Pandas
-- Cataloged the results of the web scraper in a relational
database using MySQL

Automated Image Masker
Software Used: Python, Matplotlib, Numpy, OpenCV

-- Implemented OpenCV to create a machine learning model to
identify and mask turtle shells from an image
-- Collaborated with members of the Smithsonian Data Science
Team using Jupyter Notebook to share notes
-- Documented workflow with visual aids created using Numpy
and Matplotlib

Samuel Arnold

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