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Geoffrey Wallace

Washington, DC, USA


Ph.D., History, McGill University (Winner of the American Society for Environmental History's Rachel Carson Prize for Best Dissertation in Environmental History)
Graduate Certificate in GIS, George Washington University
M.A., History, University of Toronto
B.A. (Honours), History, Summa Cum Laude, University of Alberta


Freelance Cartographer (2019-)

Doctoral Research, McGill University (2012-2020) (Research, writing, fieldwork, and Historical GIS work on Mexican history)

Visiting Researcher, Georgetown University, Center for Latin American Studies (2017-2020) (Cataloguing and publishing historical GIS data on lowland Mexican landscapes)

Collaborator, History and the Performance of Sovereignty in the Case of the Nuestra Seņora de la Mercedes shipwreck (2017-present)(International archival and media research, Spanish-to-English translation, and media research)

Research Assistant, McGill University (2012) (Conversion of historical data to GIS-compatible formats in a team project on land use in twentieth-century Panama)

Technical Proficiency

ArcGIS software suite (expert, inc. statistics, 3D maps, and programming)
QGIS (proficient, inc. statistics and programming)
GeoDa (basic)
Misc. geospatial applications (Google Earth, Story Maps, OSM)
Geospatial programming (advanced)
Python (proficient, inc. Anaconda Suite, Pandas, and IDEs)
Bash/Zsh/Powershell (proficient)
MS Office suite (advanced, inc. Excel)
Google Apps suite (proficient)
MS Access (basic)
Bibliographical and research software (proficient, inc. Mendeley, Zotero, and LaTeX)

Other Skills

Subject Matter Expert in Mexico and Lowland Mesoamerica
Substantial experience in archival and media research


English (native)
French (fluent spoken, read, and written)
Spanish (fluent spoken, advanced read and written)
German - Swiss dialect (advanced spoken, proficient read and written)
Yucatec Maya (basic spoken read, and written)

Geoffrey Wallace

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