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Muhammed Sahal P M

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Designation : GIS Developer
Organization : Engineering Research International, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Period : February 2017 - Present
Job functions and responsibilities:
 Electric Network Digitizing for Saudi Electricity Company (SEC)
 ArcMap Automation and QC tool Development using ArcObject, and Windows Forms
 ArcMap Automation and QC tool Development using arcpy, numpy and other related python modules
 Developing Algorithms to solve complex problems
 Electric Network Overhead and Underground Digitizing in ArcMap 10.5
 Logic building, Data analysis and Document preparation to solve customer needs
 Finding Solution to solve GIS needs in Opensource platform
Designation : Junior GIS Developer
Organization : SYS Glob Software solutions, Bangalore, India
Period : July 2016 December 2016
Job functions and responsibilities:
 Training students and organizations about ArcGIS Desktop and Open source web Development environments
 Finding solutions to solve GIS needs both in ESRI and open source platform
 Web site maintenance
 Training Document preparation
 Working as an instructor for Academic Projects related to GIS Development
Education and Certificates
 University Graduate in Computer Science Bachelors Degree (BSc)
 Post Graduate Diploma in GIS (Geographic Information System)
 Government of India certified for PC Hardware and Networking
 English Aptis Certificate of British Council
 Additional Skill Acquisition Program of Government of Kerala
Professional and Personal Skills
 Proficient in Python
 Proficient in .Net Technologies
 Proficient in Developing GIS Application
 Ability to work independently and as a part of a team
 Analytical, problem solving and troubleshooting skills
 Hard working Smart working
 Self - Learning
Technology and Platform Knowledge
 Development Environment : Visual Studio
 Languages : JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, , XAML,, WPF, Windows Form Applications
 Database Tools : MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySql
 APIs and Frameworks : Dojo, ExtJS, REST
 ESRI Suite : ArcMap, arcpy, ArcObjects, JavaScript API, Runtime SDK,
ArcGIS online, ArcPro, ArcServer, Enterprise GeoDatabase
 Open Source GIS : QGIS, GeoServer, PostGIS, Openlayers, Leaflets, GeoExt
 WebServers : Apche Tomcat, XAMPP
 Others : MS Office suite, Adobe Photoshop

Muhammed Sahal P M

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