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Shradha Shrestha

Rochester, NY, USA

Research Assistant, Rochester Institute of Technology, Aquatic Ecology Lab
Advisor: Dr. Christy Tyler
Spatial data analysis of INFEWS Project (NSF funded)
- Assessing the ecological impact of food waste digestate storage and disposal on greenhouse gas emissions and water quality using ArcSWAT (hydrological modeling).
- Land Suitability Analysis (GIS-based site-selection model with model-builder and ArcPy).
- Some submissions are in preparation.

Vanguard Cabinet, a URISA’s initiative, an advisory board of passionate, young geospatial professionals.

GIS and Data Intern, FracTracker Alliance
Studying groundwater contamination and air pollution due to hydraulic fracking in California and Colorado using geospatial modeling.
- Determining the current status of groundwater contamination in Colorado state based on literature review and hotspot analysis; a statistically significant GIS-based method.

Knowledge Management Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Group of Helping Hands (SAHAS Nepal)
- Data analysis and field monitoring
- Mapping and geospatial analysis

Shradha Shrestha

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