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Kade Anderson

Reedsville, WV, USA


WVU Wildlife Biology Department | September 2019 –
Wetland Specialist (trapping then measuring heavy metals in turtles and water quality throughout the state of West Virginia) Field Work, GIS mapping, Remote Sensing, Water Quality Analysis, Turtle Data and Tagging, Peer Reviews, Developing Graduate and Undergraduate Classes, Assistant Teaching, Grant Writing, and Team Collaboration.
Reference: Donna Hartman – & (304) 293-3687

WVU Biogeography Lab | August 2018 – December 2018
Volunteer Work (California Condor and Fire Mapping Research) Using ArcGIS I filtered through 1.5 million GPS data points to find if there was a correlation between California Condor roosting sites and burn areas in southern California. Coding in R.
Reference: Dr. Jonathan Hall - & Graduate Student - Darren Gross -

WVU Biology Lab | August 2018- October 2018
Volunteer Work (Leaf Litter Decay & Soil Composition) Field work measuring soil composition in Fernow Experimental Forest Tucker County, West Virginia and measuring the decomposition in leaf litter bags using mass change.
Reference: Graduate Student - Brooke Eastman (216) 543-6696 &

Boy Scouts of America | May 2016 - July 2016
Ecology Director – Teaching youth the importance of conservation, making a camp conservation plan, and teaching a variety of ecology-based classes ranging from amphibians to mammals to overarching environmental ethics.
Reference: Program Executive/Camp Administrator - Dr. Van Anderson (304)288-0264


Eagle Scout
Promise Scholar
Vandalia Scholar
WVU Leadership Scholar
Extensive Volunteer Work at the West Virginia University Natural History Museum
Boy Scouts of America: National Camping School Certified
Leave No Trace Trainer
Philmont Trek Leader
West Virginia University Anthropology Club
On the West Virginia University Dean’s List 2 semesters
West Virginia University Remote Sensing Club
Moderate Deutsch Speaking & Writing
Minimal Italian and Spanish Speaking
Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite
Proficient in Arc GIS Suite
Proficient in GeoDa
Proficient in Imagine
Proficient in Lightroom/Photoshop/Adobe Suite
Coding in R and C++ Experience
Very Moderate Coding Experience in Python

Kade Anderson

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