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Anissa Higgins


GIS: Geodatabase Building * Cartography * Digitalization * Orthomosaic Map building * Disaster Management Laws and Policies * Proficient with LandSat 8 * PhotoShop editing of Satellite images * Spatiotemporal data and real-time GIS * extract data needed from open/private sources to present information to decision-makers in a visual context (ALWAYS with integrity). Develop a plan for a Disaster Response Scenario by leveraging market-standard GIS products (such as Google Earth and ArcGIS products). Edit LiDAR images/Landsat 8 where the data is usable and meets to answer questions and present decision-makers with reliable information using GIS.

Leadership: Knowledge of Agile methodology. Utilize executive communication techniques to communicate a vision, get buy-in, and drive successful technology efforts

Technical Writing: Published in renowned psychology Journal of Men and Masculinity

Anissa Higgins

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