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Tim Wade

Tampa, FL, USA


A GIS professional with over 10 years' experience in public and private sector organizations. Skilled in data management, spatial analysis and map production as well as GIS training and team leadership, graphic design and visualization. Recently expanded skill set through online teaching while waiting for U.S. green card, now looking to resume GIS career.


Master of Science: Geographical Information Systems And Science (Kingston University - London, United Kingdom)


ArcGIS, AutoCAD, MapInfo, FME Desktop, ERDAS Imagine, Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, MS Office.

Key GIS Experience:

Mapping Officer
(The Forestry Commission, Bristol, United Kingdom):

Spatial Analysis: Performed tree disease spread analysis; Conducted surface and buffer analysis for suitable locating of recreational cabins.

Data Sourcing and Management: Effectively maintained over 100 national spatial datasets; Manipulated and loaded datasets to central SDE database, maintaining accurate metadata; Created models and bespoke tools using ArcGIS ModelBuilder; Manipulated configuration files to ensure ArcIMS browser/dataset compatibility.

Digitizing and Map Production: Performed ad hoc analysis and map creation for evidence and analysis teams to assist with government policy making.

GIS Training and Mentoring: Provided support for ArcGIS users nationwide.

Senior Landscape Technician
(The Landmark Practice, Bristol, United Kingdom):

Spatial Analysis: Performed bird migration pattern analysis. Digitizing and Map Production: Produced clear and attractive landscape planting plans for many small and larger scale projects using AutoCAD.

Graphic Design and Visualization: Conducted wind farm location impact analysis and numerous other Visual Impact Assessments.

GIS Project Lead: Trained all staff on use of GIS for analysis of new forest reserve in Jordan. Traveled to country for data collection, analysis, map production, image manipulation and visualization. Produced attractive and persuasive reports using Adobe InDesign.

GIS Training and Mentoring: Successfully introduced use of GIS into company.

Senior Digital Map Editor
(Whereonearth Ltd, London, United Kingdom):

Digitizing, Data Sourcing and Management: Sourced and manipulated global datasets using MapInfo for use in mobile devices; Created MapBasic scripts to process large datasets.

Tim Wade

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