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Daniel Berke

Springfield, VA, USA

Motivated and aspiring professional with knowledge of how to apply cartographic principles, geodatabases, spatial data and analysis by using ESRI ArcGIS applications, who is now seeking a position at the entry level.

George Mason University (GMU), 2016
Bachelor of Arts in Geography, with a minor in Geographic Information Systems

Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC), 2013
Associate Degree in General Studies: Geography

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), 2011
Associate Degree in Computer Aided Drafting

Experience with the ESRI product line, including ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, and related.
Proficiency with utilizing GIS software for creating shapefiles, feature extraction, attribution, data manipulation, geo-databases, and data finishing.
Ability to collect, analyze, and integrate geographic and substantive data into an effectively designed cartographic.
Efficiency of cartographic design principles including color and symbology theory, map projections, thematic and statistical mapping, topographic and reference mapping, and data generation.

Small Business Administration (SBA), 2016 C Present
Contact Representative
Serves as a representative to the Deaf/hard-of-hearing community, by using American Sign Language to field.
Provides detailed information to the public regarding SBAs funding programs and counseling services, to questions that range from routine to complex.

George Mason University (GMU), 2015 C Present
Teacher Assistant; American Sign Language I
Conducts the planning and coordinating of monthly community meetings of 20-60 attendees each, Silent dinners, which focus on practice of American Sign Language and interaction with Deaf/hard-of-hearing people,
Assists teachers in producing lesson plans.

Cartography Certificated, Oct 2018.
Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero in Python 3, Online Course, Udemy Inc., Feb 2018 C Now.

Panel Speaker, Future Quest 2015
National Association of the Deaf, Volunteer

Election map
Heat map
Pan and zoom interactive map
Population map
Proportional map with legend
Super Bowl map
Treasure map with rollover images

Daniel Berke

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