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Daniel Berke


GIS Specialist
Data Analysis | Project Support | Data Manipulation

Resourceful professional poised to transition education to excel as a GIS Specialist. Driven with a range of experience from school projects in conducting research to locate and obtain existing databases, as well as gather, analyze, and integrate spatial data to determine how information can be displayed using GIS. Adept at validating and processing data from the field using standard and custom tools. A track record of educational / project success in managing, maintaining, and utilizing database information, collecting geographical data, and mapping projections. Additional skills include creating, translating, and integrating GIS data layers using a variety of software.


Election Map | Heat Map | Pan and Zoom Interactive Map | Population Map | Proportional Map with Legend | Shapefiles | Super Bowl Map | Treasure Map with Rollover Images | Cartography | Clip | Buffer
Select by Attribute | Dissolve | Extraction | Attribution | Data Manipulation | Geo-Databases
Data Finishing | Advanced Word, Excel, PowerPoint


 Utilizes ESRI product line, including ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Pro, and ArcGIS Online.
 Employs GIS software to create shapefiles, feature extraction, attribution, data manipulation, geo-databases, and data finishing.
 Applies cartographic design principles including color and symbology theory, map projections, thematic and statistical mapping, topographic / reference mapping, and data generation.

GIS I Course, NVCC
Identified areas with insufficient bookstores that have Japanese graphic novels; placed new bookstores near schools where students / citizens would be interested in Japanese graphic novels. Successfully used a variety of analysis tools, including Buffer, Clip, and Select by Attribute. Evaluated and created features that represent bookstores.

Developed areas in need of emergency signals for drivers with hearing loss. Discovered problematic locations including curved roads and trees that prevented them from seeing sirens. Identified appropriate locations for new emergency signals that notified drivers when the sirens / vehicles were approaching. Collected data from various sources, Clip, Buffer, Select by Attribute, and Dissolve. Utilized spatial analysis to identify locations and create features representing emergency signals.

Daniel Berke

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Posted 2019-09-11 under CAD, Cartography, Entry Level, Geospatial