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Alex Eado


Professional Summary
•Created new methods to extract, edit, analysis and
incorporate data for a specific utility company while
shadowing new staff
•Made recommendations, routine decisions independently and
exercise judgment within established guidelines, procedures
or polices.
•Developed skills on importance of effectively communicating
concerns, challenges, opportunities, praise, and resolve
conflicts through active listening, dialogues and valid
•Developed skills of oral and written presentations relative
to various projects utilizing geographic information
systems technology

Years of Spatial Data analysis at NiSource Shadowing new staff
Various methods of data enhancement GIS operation analysis
Quality assurance and quality control procedures for geographic information database Client/vendor/company relationship

GIS Analyst/GIS Technician at NiSource
GIS Quality Control Technician/DP Center of Excellence

•Performed and investigated pipeline safety, quality control
on GPS-survey data, gas utility records in GIS
•Sorted, analyzed, approved, rejected and related GPS-survey
data points to existing features in gas utility GIS
•Performed data extraction, data analysis and data
compliance updates on existing features in gas utility
•Performed routine mapping GIS activities (pipeline,
facilities, imagery, structures and base maps)
•Edited features within an ESRI enterprise GIS environment,
using a versioned database.
•Prepared map and tabular documents for review or use
external to NiSource to achieve industry top decile in core
safety metrics
•Investigated data, database and application issues from a
business perspective and make preliminary recommendations
•Performed field inspections to acquire and verify
geographic data
•Researched and interpreted utility records from multiple
sources; resolving conflicting geographic data through
consultation with leaders, manager, and other stakeholders
•Developed knowledge of conducting specialized spatial and
nonspatial data analyses
The Ohio State University
Bachelor of Science in Geographic Information Sciences
•GIS information technologies such as ESRI, ArcMap, ArcView,
ArcInfo, ArcEditor, or MapInfo, ArcScene or 3D Mapping (3D
Geovisualization), and other spatial technologies such as
•General exploration of the various concepts, tools and
techniques of geovisualization
•Implementing variety of common statistical and
computational methods used to produce high quality,
professional maps that communicate a variety of (Service,
medical and environmental) topics
•Web based GIS (Web mapping, Map Design)
•GPS Data Production, system of exploring geographic
data/geospatial data and Cartogram
•Cartographic concepts (accuracy, scale, datum, projection,
coordinates), techniques, and applications of analytic
cartography, interactive maps (such as scientific
visualization map reading and interpretation)
•Geodatabase schema design and implementation including
replication and sync processes
•Regression analysis using ArcGIS and Excel such as
exploring the spatial distribution of natural gas, poverty
and their correlations to other factors
•Strategies of dealing with spatial autocorrelation in
regression and model residuals.
•Spatial Simulation to understand the behavior of complex
geographic systems and Modeling in GIS
•Basic concepts and techniques in remote sensing data
acquisition, analysis (e.g. change detection) and its
•Data file conversions (e.g. geographic/spatial, csv,
excel) and cross functional workforce operations
•Map creations, reports and documents using data and
statistics derived from a geographic information system

Volunteer Experience and Activities
Service-Learning Columbus Metropolitan Library
•In Service-learning processes I made connections between
concepts and skills gained in an academic setting and
community-based work
•I worked with children seeking help at the library after
their day in school with skills of doing homework and
•Designed booklet maps to teach children basic and
elementary map elements, how to use the maps, visual
importance and map reading

Alex Eado

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