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Lisa Silva


4015 SW Pasadena Street
Portland, OR 97219

Masters of Art, GIS Development and Environment December 2006
Clark University, Worcester MA
Bachelor of Science, Geography and GIS June 2000
Portland State University, Portland OR

Employment History

Lead Training Instructor for the following Esri GIS Courses April 2007- February 2012
ArcGIS 1: Introduction to GIS
ArcGIS 2: Essential Workflows
ArcGIS 3: Performing Analysis
Introduction to Geoprocessing Scripts Using Python
Building Geodatabases
Esri Technical Certification: Skills Review for ArcGIS Desktop Associate
Learning Python for GIS
ArcGIS Spatial Analyst extension

Small Business Owner May 2014-Present
Silva Café
Designed a coffee shop and bakery in a new location in Southwest Portland.
Developed a popular menu of organic baked goods all made from scratch. Calculated all cost of goods for each menu item. Document all goods and costumer sales using Quickbooks.
Our customer population has tripled from 2015 to 2016; raising profits by 60% in the last year.
Silva Café was written up in the Southwest Connection paper 2015

Assistant Instructor/GIS Lab Assistant, January 2013-June 2015
Portland State University and Portland Community College
Volunteer position for which I assisted the main instructor with a Visual Image Analysis course for both graduate and undergraduate students. Main duties involved providing assistance to students who required help with the use of ArcGIS software as it pertained to image analysis, geodatabase structure building, data management and general spatial analysis assistance.

IT Human Resource Training Specialist February 2012-December 2012
Bonneville Power Administration (BPA)
Developed BPA’s ArcGIS Online maps and geoservice trainings. Authored all GIS training workbooks for over 400 BPA employees. Managed and maintain an inventory of critical company data. Demonstrated multiple GIS Analysis procedures and GIS models for transmission assets throughout BPA, including knowledge of the electrical utility industry and experience in acquiring right of way and related property interest data. Produced an assortment of GIS training videos using Captivate and Camtasia software. Delivered GPS field data collection demonstrations, ArcMap editing, managed ESRI ArcSDE Enterprise Geodatabases for MS SQL Server and data managing procedures to the BPA GIS field team. Successfully worked with multiple teams during all development GIS designs at BPA. Published complete records of all BPA GIS software documents and presentations on the internal 2010 Sharepoint site.

Esri GIS Course Instructor April 2007- February 2012
Esri Educational Services-Headquarters, Redlands, CA
Esri Certified ArcGIS Desktop Associate certificate which qualifies me as an internationally known ArcMap user professional. For seven years I have been a GIS instructor advisor and editor of new ArcGIS desktop class materials and I have co-written all demos and lesson plans for our DESK 2 ArcMap v10 course. I’ve collected and analyzed data for managing multi user geodatabase, Python coding, multiple GIS data formats for editing and usage of Model Builder. I have a Master’s degree working with imagery and digital terrain geospatial imaging using ArcInfo GRID, ArcMap Spatial Analyst and Idrisi software. I am a CompTIA CTT+ certified technical trainer with over seven years of experience teaching GIS technology using Esri ArcMap products. Two years of experience conducting live online technical training classes using Adobe Connect accounts and linked conference calls. I have conducted live GIS training for over 1,500 adult students from every time zone in the United States to international clients from around the world. I have been an editor of over 15 technical training videos using Camtasia and Captivate software. I produced and maintained our internal technical trainers SharePoint 2010 site that is used by over a hundred people in our educational department.

Esri Desktop and Extensions Technical Support April 2008-April 2009
Esri Support Services-Headquarters, Redlands, CA
Esri ArcGIS desktop support analyst helping troubleshoot GIS software, GIS projects and projections issues with our GIS users for ArcMap v3.x to v10. This also includes working with GIS users on the Business Analyst extension, Model Builder, geodatabase management, Python script, Spatial Analyst extension, Time animation, Map layouts, and Imagery server using screen sharing live client support services. Reported software bugs and wrote software knowledge base articles for the Esri support website.

GIS Lab Director and GIS Instructor May 2006 – September 2006
The Iracambi Rainforest Research and Conservation Center, Brazil
Implemented and raised funding for vegetation classification map projects in the Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil through field work, GPS handheld devices and ArcGIS mapping software. All projects were submitted as a published thesis paper at Clark University in Worcester, MA. Directed the GIS lab research center projects, organized data collection reports and data storage in multiple file geodatabases. Researched rainforest protection publications for future environmental protection project proposals. Provided all GIS software training, GPS usage training and cartography skills training to other volunteer researchers;

Software Technical Support August 2005 – May 2006
IDRISI Clark Labs, Worcester, MA
Installation and software support via email for IDRISI software users. Tested raster software tools, tutorials and data models including the Land Change Modeler based on a Neural Networks Model for the IDRISI Andes 15.0 Edition;

Forest Fire Fighter April 2005 – August 2005
Grayback Forestry, Central Point, OR
Forest fire fighting Certified. Worked on BLM land clearing fire prone underbrush to help further protect the forest from disastrous forest fire during the summer months in Southern Oregon.

Peace Corps Volunteer September 2002 – December 2004
The Gambia, West Africa
Trained local communities in agriculture and forestry management, solar energy use, irrigation techniques, and collaborated with the German Forestry Department on bushfire control in The Gambia, West Africa for two years.

Lisa Silva

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