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Assistant/Air Quality Specialist (AQ Assessment Unit)

Diamond Bar, CA, USA
We are recruiting for either an Assistant Air Quality Specialist or Air Quality Specialist for the Air Quality Assessment unit of our Planning, Rule Development, and Area Sources (PRDAS) division, a major branch of SCAQMD. An eligible list of candidates established with this recruitment can be used to fill a current and future Assistant Air Quality Specialist/Air Quality Specialist vacancies in our Planning, Rule Development, and Area Sources Division (PRDAS).

Activities within the Air Quality Assessment unit include performing complex analyses of large measured meteorological and air quality data sets from ground- and satellite-based measurement platforms, air quality forecasting, point-source modeling, rule making, addressing air quality related inquiries from the public, identification of data to exclude due to exceptional air quality events, preparing reports and presentations related to air quality and meteorology, graphical information system analysis, graphical and tabular dissemination of air quality data to the public, and conducting highly-applied air quality research.
Assistant Air Quality Specialist/Air Quality Specialist is required to have advanced experience and knowledge in one or more of the specialties listed above.

Specialized duties for the current vacancy include:
Perform geospatial analyses of community-level data
Geoprocessing of large datasets with automation tools
Prepare maps using GIS to disseminate complex air quality concepts and develop accessible/user-friendly graphic illustrations for technical and/or general-public audiences
Perform complex air quality and meteorological data analysis involving large data sets
Prepare and/or perform presentations to convey complex air quality concepts to technical and/or general-public audiences
Collaborate with other government agencies, academic institutions and other professional communities. Analyze information and data leading to the preparation of written documents such as findings and recommendations, exceptional event analyses, rule drafts and supporting documents, reports, graphs, maps, charts and statistical summaries
Perform various other tasks unique to the unit


In addition to the Minimum Qualifications, which follow in the next section, the most competitively qualified candidates will possess:
A degree in atmospheric science, environmental/chemical/mechanical engineering, meteorology, environmental science, geospatial science, geographic information systems, environmental geoscience, public health, or a related quantitative field.
Extensive experience with geographic information system software such as ArcGIS Pro
Extensive experience geoprocessing large data sets with automation tools such as Python
Strong computer programming skills
Extensive experience visualizing, presenting, and publishing geographic data for technical and/or general-public audiences
Experience in the analysis and research of air quality data and meteorological data along with the preparation of interactive maps, reports, publications, recommendations, technical papers, presentations, talking points, and correspondence for technical and/or general-public audiences
Experience in reviewing complex technical documents, making related recommendations, and communicating key issues, orally and in writing, to superiors, teammates, special interest groups, the public, and other audiences


EDUCATION: Graduation from an accredited college or university with a bachelor's degree in engineering, environmental science, planning, or the physical, social, or biological sciences, depending upon the functions of the assigned unit.


ASSISTANT AIR QUALITY SPECIALIST: No experience is required.

AIR QUALITY SPECIALIST: Two years of technical air quality or professional analytical experience that would demonstrate the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities of the position to which assigned.

KNOWLEDGE OF: One or more professional disciplines, such as chemistry, toxics, statistics, economics, environmental planning, or engineering, with emphasis on its relationship to planning, rule development, or engineering activities; principles, methods, and procedures of environmental review, planning, rule development, or air quality monitoring, including related instrumentation; air quality regulations and review process; air quality modeling; emissions calculations; PC software applications commonly used in the field; research methods and techniques, including statistical and computer applications for data analysis; professional report writing; and State, federal, and local programs, guidelines, and code regulations related to air quality management.

SKILL OR ABILITY TO: Compile, analyze, and interpret technical air quality data; learn and apply District air quality regulations to stationary and mobile source monitoring; monitor and evaluate the performance of consultants; oversee stationary and mobile source monitoring projects under minimum supervision; maintain accurate records of air quality planning, research, monitoring, or rule development projects and prepare clear and persuasive reports and recommendations; represent SCAQMD interests at public, professional, and internal meetings and communicate with a variety of technical and professional air quality and legal staff; maintain current knowledge of applicable federal, State, and local regulations and technical or scientific developments; provide expert testimony, advice, and counsel in a specialized field; apply appropriate computer-based analytical techniques to complex air pollution control problems; develop new techniques and approaches to the solution of complex air pollution control problems; proficiently use PC and mainframe software applications common to the field and to the general business environment of the SCAQMD; read, understand, and follow verbal and written directions; communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing; and establish and maintain effective relationships with all those contacted in the course of work.

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South Coast Air Quality Management District
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