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GIS Specialist

Black River Falls, WI, USA
Expanding GIS data and use within the Ho-Chunk Nation by establishing the cooperative sharing of geographic information.

1. Follow the GIS Annual Objective's Plan. Apply technical expertise to provide training, access, and support to GIS users in regards to mapping and GPS products on a daily basis.
2. Maintain a Geodatabase of Ho-Chunk Nation: parcels, land use, leases, zoning, addresses, forestry , prescribed burns, wildlife, wild fires , land posting, archaeology, cemeteries, enrollment , environmental issues, and utility lines on a daily basis.
3. Create enrollment maps on a bi-annual basis that consist of: minors, adults, elders, elite elders, and total enrollment by county, ZIP, and state levels on a bi-annual basis.
4. Update the Agriculture lease dataset on an annual basis after the spring planting. Provide maps for the tribal members of Indian corn locations on an annual basis.
5. Create aerial maps of the Ho-Chunk Nation's parcels on an annual basis.
6. Work in conjunction with the Ho-Chunk Nation DNR on "No Trespass ing" posting for Ho-Chunk Nation lands and document posting with a shapefile on an annual basis.
7. Collect, download/upload, and edit GPS data on a daily basis
8. Participate in GIS seminars and attend training courses to maintain and enhance GIS skills on a quarterly basis.
9. Create custom maps as requested in a timely manner on a daily basis.
10. Perform other duties assigned as relevant to job description on a daily basis.

1. Must have a DGPS (Different Global Positioning System) education and possess a (2) two­ year degree in a GIS-related field such as Geography, Earth Science, Engineering, Biology, or Natural Resources.

1. Must have a valid Wisconsin driver's license, proof of insurance, and reliable transportation.

1. Must have work experience with GIS software and CAD (Computer Aided Drafting).
2. Must have experience with DGPS data collection.

1. Must have work experience with GIS software preferably ArcGIS.
2. Must be proficient with Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, and Access) , database management software , and web design software.

1. Maintains a safe and healthy work place environment.
2. The department manager ensures that all employees of the department receive appropriate
training, counseling, and understand all of the applicable procedures so that they can safely do their assigned work.

1. Work is primarily sedentary in an office setting.
2. Some physical exertion (walking, bending, climbing, and lifting) may be required when visiting site locations. This work may entail long hours under a time constraint. There is occasional need to travel to isolated areas and over rough terrain.
3. Review the Physical Demands Worksheet for further details.

Apply online here or via email to

Ho-Chunk Nation
N5681 Moss Hill Road
Black River Falls, WI, 54615 USA


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