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GIS Technician

Richmond, VA, USA
The Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP) is seeking a GIS Technician to join the Research Division's GIS Team. This position will create and maintain standard and highly-customized cartographic products, maintain multiple GIS datasets, and perform GIS analyses as needed in the support of the VEDP mission.

- Engage with sales managers, marketing staff, and other internal stakeholders to design print and digital maps that communicate a strong visual message with the best available data
- Maintain suite of cartographic products in VEDPís Marketing Resources Database
- Collaborate with the Lead Cartographer on the creation and evolution of cartographic standards
- Manage the upkeep of multiple GIS datasets in an Esri environment
- Perform GIS functions such as geocoding, as well as spatial and logistical analyses
- Provide data visualization insight and create high-quality visuals beyond map-making, as needed

Qualifications (Education, Experience, Skills):
- Exceptional cartographic skills using ArcGIS Pro to render sophisticated, accurate, and user-friendly maps
- Understanding of the practices and principles of visual hierarchy in cartography, including labeling; practical knowledge of layout and design of production maps; and strong understanding of available tools and data formats in ArcGIS
- Keen attention to detail, particularly in cartographic design and data accuracy
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with experience in a highly-collaborative team environment
- Ability to maintain core branding by editing and replicating established maps, as well as creating original maps that fulfill client needs
- Understanding of relational databases and geospatial data management best practices
- Strong motivation to sharpen technical skills and bring new and innovative ideas to the team
- Working knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite of products with an emphasis on PowerPoint and Excel
- Strong candidates will have an interest in or familiarity with the Adobe Creative Suite, Python, SQL, ArcGIS Online, and/or data visualization outside of map-making
- Demonstrated professional experience in the field of GIS
- Post-secondary degree in GIS, Cartography, Geography, Information Systems, Urban Studies, or another related field preferred

All candidates must apply through our website An example of past work must be uploaded during the application process. A portfolio of past work and a skills test will be required as part of the interview process. Salary minimum: $45,000. Application deadline: April 11, 2021.

VEDP is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All applicants are considered for employment without regard to race, sex, color, national origin, religion, age, veteran status, political affiliation, genetics, or against otherwise qualified individuals with disabilities. It is VEDPís intent that its employment and personnel policies and practices conform to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations regarding non-discrimination and affirmative action. Applicants requiring more information or requiring assistance may contact VEDP Human Resources at 1-804-545-5634 or TDD 1-800-828-1120

Apply online here

Virginia Economic Development Partnership
901 E Cary Street, Suite 900
Richmond, VA, 23219 USA


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