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Geospatial Programmer

Sacramento, CA, USA
Land IQ is seeking a Geospatial Programmer in its Sacramento, California office. Land IQ specializes in providing solutions to challenging environmental and agricultural problems throughout the western United States. Our areas of expertise include soil and water science, water quality and supply evaluation, land surface analysis, agricultural systems, ecosystem restoration, statistics, remote sensing, geospatial analysis, and regulatory policy. Land IQ helps clients develop high value, scientifically sound, proactive solutions to their complex, large-scale, environmental challenges.

The successful Geospatial Programmer candidate will be responsible for supporting our team comprised of remote sensing/geospatial experts through programming, data processing, spatial and statistical modeling in a range of agronomic, environmental and ecosystem disciplines. Applicants must have strong programming and GIS skills with a solid understanding of remote sensing. This is an environmental consulting position requiring ability to develop analysis approaches/methodology and work within a team to optimize methods. The applicant must also have excellent communication skills, and a demonstrated ability to manage multiple tasks and perform work on-time and within budget resources. Experience in the natural resource/earth science field is a plus.

Office Locations: Sacramento, CA
Hiring Timeframe: Immediate
Employment Type: Full time, including benefits

Primary Responsibilities:
-Develop unique solutions to address a wide range of complex agriculture and environmental challenges.
-Work in a team environment on a wide range of projects, supporting our team of scientists, remote sensing analysts, and other science-based disciplines.
-Be organized and methodical with communication and documentation capabilities.
-Develop and refine existing applications, geospatial analysis protocols, and spatial and statistical modeling applications to help solve complex environmental and agricultural resource problems.
-Applicant must have the ability to make analysis protocols actionable through scripting and/or other programming capabilities.
-Resourceful in seeking, preparing, and/or creating raster & vector data.

Required Qualifications:

Education: B.S. required, M.S. preferred in: Geographic Information Systems, Computer Science, Remote Sensing, Management Information Systems, Geography, or related field.

Experience: Minimum of 2 yrs experience outside of an academic environment in one of the following areas:
- Geospatial programming in Python

Required Technical Capabilities:
- Demonstrable experience with Python libraries such as geopandas, shapely, gdal, sklearn and matplotlib libraries
- Modify, write and maintain scripts.
- Strong understanding of machine learning algorithms, such as Random Forest and/or deep learning.
- Experience working with spatio-temporal data.
- Advanced spatial analysis and geoprocessing skills in ArcGIS.

Professional Approach:
Positive/enthusiastic attitude, passionate about professional pursuits, strong organizational, communication and writing skills, personable, ability and desire to learn, and attention to detail, strong moral and ethical personal standards. Enthusiastic about guiding and mentoring team members to reach team and organizational goals. Team player.

Apply via email to

Land IQ
2020 L Street, Suite 210
Sacramento, CA, 95811 USA
Land IQ on TwitterLand IQ on Facebook


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