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GIS Analyst

Columbia, MO, USA
Perform professional work designing, developing, maintaining, and providing training on specialized GIS data systems, procedures, applications, and data solutions to support and improve situational awareness and City business processes and efficiencies for management, supervisors, operations staff, and the public.

Essential Job Functions
•Design and build GIS data systems and applications based on City and business unit needs using best practices and developments of geospatial technology including desktop, thin client, mobile, location-aware, and web-based platforms and technologies.

•Administer and maintain GIS databases and software. Complete routine maintenance and processing to ensure system integrity. Prepare data, records, dependencies, permissions and procedures. Maintain data integrity and troubleshoot concerns.

•Develop, maintain, analyze, and support City geospatial data, ensuring data are accurate, reliable, and timely.

•Provide high quality spatial analysis, modelling, and data-driven solutions to problems including transportation planning, land use, utility service provision and auditing, utility distribution networks, demographics, and forecasting.

•Collect requirements and data from all pertinent sources to develop the requisite products.

•Provide technical support, information, and customer service to users and the public.

•Prepare reports, recommendations, and presentations related to the City GIS system and its use and applications for and across business units.

•Manage complex special projects or programs.
Ancillary Job Functions
•Respond to user requests for reports, maps and information requiring cartography and special analysis.

•Provide guidance and training to others and give input to supervisor regarding other employees’ performance.

•Research new technologies, including mobile devices and maintain high industry knowledge.

•Respond to off-hours requests or data emergencies.

•Prepare and present reports to various groups.

•Establish and maintain files, reports, maps, and other records.

•Maintain technical and analytical skills to ensure data quality assurance and quality control.

•Perform other related duties as assigned.

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