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Data Portal Specialist

Denver, CO, USA
Position Title: Data Portal Specialist

QSI Branch: Professional Services

Quantum Spatial is seeking a Data Portal Specialist to work onsite at a government client facility in Lakewood, Colorado. The successful candidate will provide technical assistance to our client in conducting and coordinating the development, maintenance, and improvement of their Data Portal (LADP). Secondary roles will include: 1) helping improve other data portals (Geospatial Data Gateway, Portal for ArcGIS, client’s ArcGIS Online for Organizations account) and, 2) integrating the LADP with other client data portals, as well as other platforms such as ArcGIS Desktop. This position requires a strong understanding of and experience with various technologies, with particular emphasis on the ESRI Geoportal Server 1.2.x, and requires a wide knowledge base, touching on all aspects of deploying a geospatially-focused, web-based data portal such as: GIS technology, databases, data standards, metadata schemas, content management systems, web and database servers, etc. The successful candidate will work with: data standards specialists, data distribution specialists, GIS specialists, geospatial tool developers and scripters, web developers, IT systems engineers and administrators, and program specialists/managers. Strong communication and organizational skills are imperative for the position and will be required to initiate and complete a variety of work tasks that will require close coordination with and input from other people (from within and outside the organization). Training tasks, such as preparing and conducting live demonstrations or training classes (including materials preparation), will also be supported by this position. Periodic travel is required.

Responsibilities and Duties:
Conduct and coordinate the development, maintenance, and improvement of the client’s Data Portal (LADP).
Fully document any work conducted or needed on the LADP (i.e., project and task tracking), including changes in the portal’s content, its look and feel or functionality, configuration, servers and databases, and workflows used to deploy and populate the portal.
Communicate and work with various portal “clients” such as project leads and data stewards to:
Help interpret business needs into data portal content and functionality.
Review various options for distributing and displaying content in the portals (e.g., hosting content versus harvesting content, making map services versus web apps)
Assist in preparing content for the data portal by referring to experts (i.e., metadata specialist, Geocortex specialist)
Ensure that submitted content meets all requirements such as metadata standards, file naming standards, file formats, etc.
Ensure that changes to the look and feel or functionality of the portal meets all relevant requirements such as Public Affairs approval (e.g., 508 compliance) and IT security requirements (e.g., https).
Communicate with and work with an interdisciplinary team, on a regular basis, including:
Metadata and data standards specialists
Geospatial publication specialists
Geospatial tools specialists
Web developer
Geoportal Server developer
IT Systems Engineer and Administrators
Review all content in the LADP on a regular basis to ensure it is current and correct, including all records, navigation tab content, embedded and linked services and web apps, etc.
Update and develop help files, user guides, and video clips for the LADP.
Provide technical assistance to end users accessing and using the LADP.
Prepare and conduct live demonstrations and training sessions of the LADP and other data portals, via WebEx.
Integrate LADP with other client data portals as well as other platforms such as ArcGIS Desktop.
Work with data portal leads to help improve the portals (such as content, functionality, and integration), including the Geospatial Data Gateway, Portal for ArcGIS, and the client’s ArcGIS Online for Organization account. Evaluate current and potential data portals and make recommendations to the client
Build and configure simple interactive web-maps and apps using existing COTS products such as ESRI ArcGIS Online, Portal for ArcGIS and Latitude Geographics Geocortex.
Assist with data collection, consolidation, sharing and general data management activities
Work with client staff to document the integrity, quality, and currentness of data used in the distribution and publication systems.
Review, create and maintain metadata to client quality specifications.
Be aware of the client’s EGIS architecture and its various components and requirements and work with client systems engineers and managers to use appropriately.
Generate geospatial data, databases, analysis, maps, services and applications.
Participate in the monthly/weekly conference calls and in-person meetings.
Prepare weekly status reporting in a format agreed upon by the Contract Officer’s Representative (COR).

Minimum Qualifications:
Geospatial Data Portals
Demonstrate professional experience of greater than 2 years managing/developing/supporting a geospatial data portal. Applicants should highlight in narrative the proposed candidate’s experience in working on data portal(s), reviewing the candidate’s primary tasks in managing/developing/supporting the portal as well as the portal’s:
Software platform,
Purpose and audience, and
Type and breadth of content.
Demonstrate professional experience of greater than 1 year using ESRI Portal for ArcGIS and/or ArcGIS Online for Organizations.

Geospatial Data Services & Publication
Demonstrate professional experience of greater than 2 years in development and documentation of geospatial data publication through map/feature/images services.
Enterprise GIS
Demonstrate professional experience of greater than 5 years with of ESRI’s ArcGIS for Desktop software. Demonstrate professional experience of greater than 2 years working in a multi-user, enterprise Geodatabase environment using ESRI’s Enterprise Geodatabase software.

Data Standards & Management
Demonstrate professional experience of greater than 2 years developing/reviewing geospatial or tabular data to meet data standards, such as requisite data schemas, file naming conventions, etc.
Demonstrate professional experience of greater than 2 years creating and validating metadata to meet specified standards.
Demonstrate professional knowledge of concepts and principles of geospatial data management.

Communications and Tech Transfer
Demonstrate experience in developing written technical documentation (such as metadata, training materials, workflow diagrams, white papers, etc.).
Demonstrate ability to communicate technical information effectively to lay persons and geospatial technical experts alike.
Demonstrate professional knowledge in applying geospatial technologies to address natural resource and/or land management business requirements.

Preferred Qualifications:
Greater than 1 year experience using ESRI Geoportal Server, ArcGIS Server, Geocortex, SharePoint 2010.
Greater than 1 year experience configuring and conducting data harvesting and /or federated searching from one data portal to another.
Experience working with Web AppBuilder and Gallery Apps in ESRI Portal for ArcGIS and/or ArcGIS Online for Organizations.
1 year of experience using ArcGIS 10.3 or higher.
Experience working with FDGC metadata standards.
Experience with Enterprise Geodatabase implemented in a SQL Server Environment.
2 years of experience developing training materials and conducting training sessions related to the use and management of data portals and/or data distribution.

Resumes will be accepted until all positions are filled. Immediate submissions are welcome and will be reviewed promptly.
All job offers with Quantum Spatial are contingent upon passing a background check and drug screening.

How to Apply
Please upload a letter of interest and resume with professional references in one (1) PDF via online application process.
No phone calls, please. Incomplete applications and auto-reply submissions will not be considered.

It is the policy of Quantum Spatial to provide equal opportunity for all qualified persons and not to discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, veteran status, disability, or any other protected status.

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