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Participatory GIS Team Lead / Planner

Houston (Clear Lake), TX, USA
Posted June 27, 2022. Position will be open until filled. Interviews will be scheduled on a rolling basis.

Position Profile & Responsibilities:

You’ll join our resiliency planning program to lead the creation of highly localized, participatory GIS projects and visualizations for communities across Texas and beyond. Your contributions to the program will be felt directly by communities as they plan for sustainable futures and reduce risks from floods and other disasters. Through ongoing community engagement, we continually bring forth new ideas for how collaboration, data, and visualizations work together for meaningful planning. On the backend we are constantly enhancing our data libraries, testing new exercises for our end users, and developing solutions to streamline our work and improve our products. Our teams coordinate tightly to make it all happen.

Our program is seeking a highly organized, solutions-oriented GIS professional, preferably with a background in urban planning. We are looking for a tenacious problem solver whose transparent management style brings out the best from our teams and our work. The hire will collaborate across the program to bring these projects to life and to sustain the culture and mission that keeps our work and minds pointed in the right direction. This is an ideal position for an early career analyst and participatory specialist to grow into project leadership while helping communities collaborate and build safer futures.

Our program is housed in the largest university-based outreach agency in the nation, the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension System. From there, we advance a mission-driven program working directly with communities, planners, and decision makers. We are rapidly growing our team and kicking-off a massive multi-year project developing innovative online collaborative mapping applications. We look forward to hiring talented and experienced staff who enjoy being part of a mission-driven program and who want to make a difference through planning, data, and bringing people together.

General Qualifications:

- 5 or more years’ GIS experience is preferred; a minimum of 3 years’ GIS experience is required to be considered.
- Knowledge and experience with participatory GIS methods and applications.
- Urban planning or land use planning experience is required.
- Subject matter background in either natural hazards, hydrology, or natural resource management is highly beneficial and preferred.
- Ideally, the preferred candidate will have a master’s degree in geography, planning, engineering, environmental science, information systems/technology or allied discipline.
- We expect you to be skilled in advanced ESRI ArcGIS tools and methods, including ESRI, ArcMap, ArcPro, AGOL, Access, MS SQL, Microsoft Office, or equivalent is preferred. Ability to develop and use scripts to streamline workflows, and to have advanced knowledge of geodatabases and relational databases.
- Any experience with CommunityViz software is valued but not required.
- You’ll be working with GIS data sets of all types, at all scales.
- Hires must be able to quickly interpret data formats, attributes, and their properties to support the development of new GIS-based participatory exercises for decision-support and planning.
- Knowledge of data source methods, projections, scale, domains, and definitions is required.
- Be highly organized and attentive to detail in all aspects of GIS work and technology. Adapt to changing technologies and learn functionality of new systems.
- Well-developed leadership and project management skills; must be a team player with the ability to lead and motivate work teams.
- Strong communication and writing skills are expected.
- GISP credentials are valued.
- Hire must be able to occasionally travel overnight as part of the team for project work and planning meetings.


Salary is commensurate with experience, education, skills, and responsibilities.

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Texas A&M AgriLife is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/Veterans/Disability Employer

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