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GIS Technician

Greenville, SC, USA
Parker Sewer & Fire Subdistrict Wastewater Collection Systems Department

WWCS Staff Member GIS Technician


Under general supervision and in conjunction with the Administrative and Technical Services Section, will be responsible for operating, editing and maintaining the WWCS Departmentís Geographic Information System (GIS) and its links to associated databases and resources.
Assists in providing such analysis as may be required of the District in order to efficiently and effectively construct, rehabilitate, operate and maintain the assets of its Wastewater Collection System. Communicates efficiently and effectively with members of the general public, District employees, other government agencies and professionals in private practice. This position reports to the Technical Services Supervisor and in their absence the Operations Manager, Assistant Superintendent or the WWCS Superintendent.

Maintains and operates the work activity scheduling and tracking sections of the Departmentís Computerized Maintenance and Management System (CMMS) to document work requests; lists all work activities on work orders and tracks manpower, equipment and material utilization and the associated costs. Edits and maintains associated database tables of staff, equipment and material costs to ensure accuracy of work order cost information.

Provides ongoing service in the acquisition, compiling, entry and editing of sewer system infrastructure inventory data used in the WWCS Computerized Maintenance and Management System (CMMS).

Assists the Technical Services Supervisor with the proper operation, data entry, quality control, maintenance, back-up and oversight of the GIS system. Assists with the development and maintenance of the link between the GIS and CMMS programs.

Assists in the acquisition, compiling, maintenance and editing of the Rehabilitation Fee billed with property taxes to insure accurate identification and preservation of the revenue stream for District operations and maintenance as well as rehabilitation efforts.

Participates in and represents the District at regularly-scheduled meetings and workshops of the Foothills Arc User Network (FAUN) and the Greenville County Geographic Information Alliance (GCGIA).

Periodically obtains updated GIS data layers from Greenville County, ReWa Sewer Authority, the City of Greenville and other adjoining Wastewater Collection System entities. Provides periodic updates to these bodies as required by the participation of the District in the Greenville County Geographic Information Alliance.

Manages the proper operation, data entry, quality control, maintenance, back-up and oversight of the CMMS system. In collaboration with the Technical Services Supervisor, maintains a harmonious link between the GIS and CMMS programs.

Updates the departmental website only after approval from Wastewater Superintendent.

Only when instructed performs research, reviewing products and recommending the purchase, updating and/or replacement of hardware and software related to the operation of GIS, mapping GPS and CMMS systems. Assists in completion of the GPS sewer infrastructure data.

Meets with all private system owners/representatives within Parker District at regular intervals, ensuring they are in compliance with the Districtís agreed upon routine maintenance of their private system.

Assists with the compilation and provision of data for analysis of flow, rain and groundwater to the District Consulting Engineer.

Performs or assists, when instructed, with departmental procurement in accordance with established policies and procedures. Issues Purchase Order numbers to departmental staff as needed.

Develops reports, charts, summaries and presentations, only when instructed, work with trouble shooting problems with computer network.

Assists with a variety of office duties to include but not limited to the issuing of permits, responding to customer complaints, issuing emergency work orders, answering questions regarding procedures/resolutions and construction specifications, answering phones, scanning, filing, copying, faxing and preparing customer correspondence, and processing all paperwork (i.e. SSO Reports, Daily Production Logs, Generating/Updating SOPs, Weekly Reports, SC 811 locates and supporting documentation etc.) as necessary all while maintaining a safe and orderly workplace.

Upon pre-approval from Wastewater Superintendent, pursues formal courses and training and performs self-study as necessary per Parker Sewer & Fire Subdistrict Policy and Procedure Manual, to stay informed and current with developments in the field of GIS. Communicates as needed via telephone, electronic mail and other media with Technical Support personnel employed by CMMS/GIS software providers.

Provides training/cross training to staff members/co-workers on equipment, procedures/SOPs and safety as necessary while attending all required departmental meetings and training/seminars.

Attends and participates in monthly Board of Commissioners meetings and special meetings as requested.

Assists with departmental facilities housekeeping chores and performs related duties and tasks as required.

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