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Sr. GIS Analyst

Laurel, MD, USA
The Sr. GIS Analyst is responsible for designing, developing, implementing and maintaining WSSC Water’s enterprise technology solutions as related to GIS application development, custom tools, geodatabase design and implementation, maintenance and updating of map databases and development of standards. S/he will also interface directly with other department staff to determine its needs, make recommendations and perform project lead responsibilities.

Key Job Functions:
• Develops complex scripts, user interfaces, programs to create maps, displays for GIS data, and/or to converts existing special use mapping applications for use by WSSC Water staff

• Utilizes GIS technologies such as ArcGIS, ArcSDE, Portal/ArcOnline and other components to create and update complex maps and applications and/or to perform complex spatial analyses to evaluate water/wastewater, economic, land use, demographic and other data

• Gathers and maintains knowledge of all mapping information and available resources in order to efficiently provide customers with tools to meet requests

• Communicates verbally and in writing with the general public, private business, WSSC Water staff and other agencies on map applications and functions of the GIS team

• Presents spatial data in graphic form and prepares technical documentation/reports of analysis and findings to submit to requesting staff

• Designs accurate, logically-formatted map layouts by placing and editing appropriate annotation and symbols on the maps using proper size and font

• Obtains appropriate information from users in order to derive a solid understanding of GIS requirements

• Researches and analyzes various information sources such as field data, construction plans, aerial-photography, US geological survey maps, orthophotography and other digital sources to update GIS data sets

• Coordinates GIS data acquisitions and updates and accurately revises the GIS databases to include the updated information

• Provides accurate, complete information/technical advice to internal and external IT staff with difficult data development or updating problems

• Develops and uses effective mechanisms to report application development activities

• Documents information using established meta data standards

• Provides technical documentation updated to the latest enhancement or release

• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Geography, Civil Engineering, or related discipline (High School diploma permitted with additional experience)

• 4+ years experience in GIS application and systems development

• Diverse knowledge of multiple programming languages including Python, Arcade, Javascript, HTML and SQL

• Experience with relational databases such as SQL Server and Oracle

• Experience in ESRI suite of products including ArcGIS, ArcSDE, Portal/ArcOnline or related components

• Experience with the use of technical geography and proficiency in using GIS software to perform spatial analysis and in utilizing GIS programming scripts/languages

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WSSC Water
14501 Sweitzer Lane
Laurel, MD, 20707 USA


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