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Staff GIS Cartographer

Concord, CA, USA
LCI is looking for a GIS Cartographer to support various GIS tasks applied to the general fields of engineering geology and seismic hazards assessment. This is an entry to mid-level position that could be filled by a GIS Cartographer with 5 years or less of experience. Please see the job description below and submit your resume, along with examples of your previous work (as attached PDF files or website URLs) with “GIS Cartographer 2019” in the subject line.

LCI is an Earth Science consulting firm specializing in geologic, seismic and natural hazards investigations. LCI is a small business located in the San Francisco Bay Area that is dedicated to providing its clients with science-based solutions to technically challenging Earth Science problems. LCI personnel have extensive experience conducting large, logistically complex, multi-disciplinary studies for critical facilities such as power plants, dams, ports, bridges, pipelines and LNG terminals.

Skills & Experience Required:
• Degree in GIS (Masters degree is a plus)
• Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat Pro (intermediate/advanced)
• ArcGIS 10.6 or newer (intermediate/advanced)
• Knowledge of drone imagery collection and processing is a plus
• Knowledge of additional ESRI or non-ESRI GIS products is a plus
GIS Cartographers possess the following skills, knowledge, and abilities:
• Graphical Presentation: Creative production of high quality figures and maps for technical reports using ESRI and Adobe software packages.
• Communication, Written, Oral, and Cartographic: The ability to convey GIS and spatial information to non-technical people.
• Analytical Skills: The ability to solve problems using the GIS suite of tools.
• Mathematics: Using mathematics to solve problems.
• Data Acquisition: Knowing how to locate, identify, and validate essential GIS data and information.

GIS Cartographers perform the following tasks:
• Create figures and cartographic products using GIS and graphics software.
• Work with LCI geologists or clients to define data needs, project requirements, required outputs, or to develop applications.
• Gather, analyze, and integrate spatial data and determine how best the information can be displayed using GIS.
• Compile geographic data from a variety of sources.
• Analyze spatial data for geographic statistics to incorporate into documents and reports.
• Maintain and update of large spatial databases.
• Ability to work under QA/QC (quality assurance and quality control) projects environment
• Enter new map data by digitizing or by direct input of coordinate information using the principles of cartography including coordinate systems, longitude, latitude, elevation, topography, and map scales.
• Analyze geographic relationships among varying types of data.
• Prepare metadata and other documentation.
• Operate and maintain GIS system hardware, software, plotter, digitizer and printers.
• Present information to users and answer questions.

LCI supports a diverse workforce and collegial working environment. We support active research and professional development for all employees, with a strong belief that good science and good people make good business. LCI supports all full time employees with health and dental coverage, a 401(k) retirement plan, and other benefits.

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Lettis Consultants International, Inc.


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