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Senior GIS Specialist (GIS/Photogrammetry/LiDAR)

Monmouth, IL, USA
Senior Geospatial Specialist (GIS/Photogrammetry/Lidar)
Agri-Tech Company that provides aerial data acquisition, photogrammetry, and mapping services for various agriculture clients nationwide is seeking highly experienced post-processing professionals with experience processing Leica ADS40/50 and ADS80/100 airborne data using Leica XPro software and Inertial Explorer software suites. Competent applicants having experience on Hexagon software and other large-format digital sensors, and LiDAR systems are a plus. The position requires an extensive knowledge of aerial photography, airborne imagery acquisition (Imagery and LiDAR), data download and management. The applicant must be able and willing to work in a seasonal, demanding, fast paced remote sensing environment. Clear communication skills, professionalism, and a team attitude are key traits of the proper candidate. Candidate must be a citizen of the US or in possession of a valid green card. This individual must understand the components of our system and has both the ability and desire to perform at a game changing level not traditionally found in today's market.
Candidates must have the following expertise:
Airborne GNSS/IMU data Processing- using (Applanix PosPac or Leica IPAS or Novatel Inertial Explorer).
ADS Aerial Triangulation Processing (Leica Orima/Socet, Leica Gpro, Leica XPro)
ADS Orthophoto Generation (Leica GPro or XPro)
DEM Production/Editing (Leica GPro or XPro/Erdas Imagine/Global Mapper)
Planning and collecting ground control points (GCP) and check control points (CK) if /when required for Orthophoto and Lidar
Lidar points cloud- LAS processing (Leica ALSPP/ CloudPro)
QA and QC Orthophoto imagery
Writing users manuals and training junior colleagues for the above tasks
Software applications Developing in MS Visual C++ / Visual Studio, Java, Python, MDL (for speed and efficiency) in support of our orthophoto production.
Salary will be negotiated. Salary will be based on both skill level, and the individual's commitment to our company's standard of performance.
If the candidate is a match for our company we will hold a ninety (90) day evaluation. At which time, the candidate could be offered bonus packages, a major-medical health package, stock options, as well as a 401(k).
If you are certain that your skills and abilities meet the above mentioned criteria, email your resume. Only highly motivated and skilled individuals need apply. For the right individual, this will be the last job they apply for.
Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Temporary, Internship, Contract

Apply via email to

LESCO Aviation
PO Box 701
Monmouth, IL, 61462 USA


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