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Geographic Information Science and Geography Lecturer

Milledgeville, GA, USA
This is a one year limited term academic year appointment for a lecturer in Geographic Information Science and Geography. The central mission of geographic education in the Geography Program at Georgia College is to develop in our students a comprehension of the spatial patterns and processes that influence life on Earth. Our students are trained to recognize the interdependent physical, historical, and social causes of human and natural phenomena through the knowledge and application of spatial principles. Students are able to relate geographic themes to human actions that affect our world. Through spatial analysis, our students apply their understanding of biophysical processes, human settlement patterns, and cultural expression to promote global connections, solve environmental problems, and create secure local economies. This position will instruct academic courses and support the department, college and university goals by supporting the academic environment to benefit the educational mission of the University.

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Georgia College
Georgia College Cbx 120
Milledgeville, GA, 31061 USA


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