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GIS Specialist

Bakersfield, CA, USA
GIS Specialist Job Description

McCormick Biological, Inc. (MBI) is a biological consulting firm based out of Bakersfield, CA, that specializes in biological services of the San Joaquin Valley and surrounding areas. We are seeking applicants for a full-time regular position.

General Job Description:
Under the oversight of the Principal Biologist, the GIS Specialist will work independently to develop workflows, processes, and solutions for the integration, transformation and deliverables that meet the needs of the client and project. This role requires the ability to solve complex problems, make decisions regarding data processing and recommend the best path for data development.

General Responsibilities:
• Collaborate with a team of biologists to process data and graphics requests and define data needs, project requirements, and required outputs to meet client needs.
• Produce technically skilled and detailed solutions that include clear, complete, and accurate representations of spatial data using hardcopy and/or electronic media.
• Develop and implement processes to ensure quality control of data from spatial and tabular sources.
• Convert, migrate, and maintain databases for internal and external reference.
• Use geospatial data in the creation and production of GIS maps and data for reports and presentations to be used by staff and clients.
• Provide independent data interpretation while effectively maintaining data documentation.
• Create and modify GIS datasets, manage and maintain legacy GIS datasets, develop and implement GIS-based analyses supporting survey projects.
• Gather, analyze and integrate spatial data from staff and determine how the information can be displayed using GIS and Web applications with mobile capabilities.
• Compile data for statistics to incorporate into documents and reports.

Physical Demands and Work Environment:
• Work is primarily conducted in a typical office environment.
• Occasionally, field work may be required (less than 10%).
• Field attire appropriate for hiking is required, this includes shirts with sleeves, long pants, and hiking boots. Many field sites require additional PPE including but not limited to, high-visibility vest, safety glasses, fire-resistant clothing, steel-toed boots, hard hats, and H₂S monitor. All required PPE will be provided by the employer.
• Potential hazards in the field may include general construction area hazards, high temperatures, poor air quality, uneven terrain, biting insects, rattlesnakes, and barbed-wire fencing, among others.

Required Qualifications:
• Professional experience of greater than 2 years with ArcGIS Desktop software and Collector for ArcGIS.
• Professional experience using Google Earth, Expert GPS or similar programs and working with KMZ and DWG files.
• Knowledge of and ability to assess spatial and non-spatial data, database models and client needs to develop data management solutions.
• Experience in techniques for collecting, managing, and sharing GIS data, and designing and maintaining GIS databases and other database formats, such as Microsoft Access.
• Ability to use and edit shapefiles and geodatabases (personal, file, and enterprise).
• Ability to manage and analyze geospatial data sourced from various collection methods.
• Experience with data modeling, scripting and coding as needed.
• Familiarity with standard cartographic methods, theories, and principles.
• Ability to reduce complex data management challenges to useful workflows, processes and methods in verbal and written communication.
• Ability to work flexible hours to accommodate biology staff field schedules.
• Exhibit initiative, responsibility, flexibility, and leadership.
• Employment is conditional on successfully passing a pre-employment drug screening.
• Position is subject to educational and criminal background check.

Preferred Qualifications:
• Graduation with or currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree from a 4-year college or university with emphasis in GIS, Geography, Biology, Environmental Studies, or a related field.
• Previous GIS work experience with a biological or environmental consulting firm or agency, including geospatial analysis in support of biological permitting, field surveys, construction compliance; and field data collection such as water features (wetlands and waterways) and rare, threatened, or endangered species occurrences or habitats.
• Experience using AutoCAD files.
• Expanded knowledge of GIS practices and methodology.

• Bakersfield, CA

• Full time hourly, Regular, Non-exempt
• General expectation is 40 hours per week, (Monday–Friday); overtime may be available


• Sick leave, health insurance, paid time off, Simple IRA plan, Continuing Education budget, etc.
• Cell phone use stipend of $10 per month and company vehicle transportation to and from field sites.

Apply online here or via email to

McCormick Biological, Inc.
3600 Pegasus Drive, Suite 12
Bakersfield, CA, 93308 USA
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